Proposal Guidelines and Requirements

The Executive Committee seeks proposals that span the interests, and fully reflect the diversity of the membership in the Division of Organic Chemistry. Therefore, selection of speakers should be balanced when considering gender, groups historically underrepresented in the profession, research area, employment sector, and career stage.

  • Proposals are due ONE YEAR prior to the meeting where the session is requested on the following dates: February 15 and July 15. For example, for a symposium in Fall 2019, the due date is July 15, 2018.  For a symposium in Spring 2019, the due date is February 15, 2018.
  • Proposals should be a maximum of ONE page (12 point font, 0.5 inch margins).
  • The proposal must contain (see the Template (MS-Word)):
    • A symposium title.
    • A paragraph stating the idea behind the proposal, why it is timely, how this symposium will differ from those recently given at ACS, and why the Division of Organic Chemistry is the most appropriate forum for this symposium.
    • The proposed meeting (Spring or Fall ACS) for the symposium to occur. Please note that due to the large number of Award Symposia held during the spring meeting, limited slots are available. A larger number of slots are available during the fall meeting. Also indicate your willingness to organize this symposium at a different (later) time than originally proposed.
    • Select if you are interested in organizing an ACS Symposium eBook as part of this symposium
    • A list of potential speakers, preferably with tentative titles (4-6 speakers is a typical number submitted).
    • The names of several alternative speakers for the session should be included.
    • The speaker’s status should be listed as outlined in the template below.
    • Please use the template provided below for the proposal.
    • E-mail national meeting symposia proposals to Steven Silverman
  • Proposals will usually be considered for a half-day session only.
  • If the organizer is requesting a full day session, a separate ONE-paragraph justification should be included (not part of the ONE page limit) for why this topic requires more time and should be given consideration as a full day symposium.
  • The DOC does not accept symposia with names of living persons in the title. Members interested in submitting an honorary symposium proposal are directed to focus the title and presentations on the chemistry rather than an individual.

DOC Acknowledgement During SYMPOSIUM

DOC-sponsored symposia are a member benefit. Symposia receiving support from the ACS DOC are asked to use this slide at the beginning and end of their session. (as a powerpoint slide or PDF file)

Related Forms

Symposium Proposal Template (MS Word)