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Organic Division Undergraduate Award

Purpose: The American Chemical Society’s Division of Organic Chemistry is pleased to sponsor an award program called the Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry, that is intended to recognize senior students who display a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field.

The Award: Consists of a letter of recognition from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and an award certificate signed by the division chair. Awardees who are members of the American Chemical Society will also receive membership to the Division of Organic Chemistry; those who are not will receive Affiliate status. Division Affiliates have all of the benefits of membership in the division with the exception of voting, serving on committees, and eligibility for certain awards. For a full description of the benefits of membership in the division, please click here.

Nominations: Chemistry departments are invited to select a top graduating senior student majoring in either chemistry or biochemistry who has demonstrated excellence in organic chemistry based on a combination of research experience, coursework and a desire to pursue a career in chemistry. The student should also be enrolled at your institution for the 2016-2017 academic year. To nominate a student, the Department Chair or the Chair of the Department Awards Committee (or similar), should complete the online form by March 15th in order to receive a signed certificate.* Please note that only one student per institution can be nominated per academic year. While we plan to send you the official award items by April 30th, once the form is submitted, you are welcome to immediately recognize the student as you deem appropriate.

*Institutions outside of the US are ineligible to receive a signed certificate by mail however, the online form contains an option for international institutions to obtain a certificate for presentation to the student. US institutions providing nominations after the March 15 deadline and before June 15 will also be able to download a certificate for presentation.

Deadline: March 15, 2017.  The online nomination form will open in January 2017.

Past Awardees: Each awardee has been sent a certificate (personally signed by the Organic Division Chair) and a letter detailing how they can obtain free membership in the division (provided the institution submitted the application on time). These items were sent to the nominator for distribution to the student.

Please note that the ACS Organic Division's Undergraduate Award is different from the longer running Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Award provided by the POLYED center, which is an award designated for outstanding performance by an undergraduate chemistry major in the two-semester organic sequence. Visit the POLYED Awards page to nominate a student for that award.