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Organic Web Links

The following links take you off the ACS Organic Division's Website. The links to these websites are provided as a service to the organic chemistry community. They are not an endorsement by the Division. If you would like us to consider other links, please use the Contact Us/Feedback form.

Index of Links

ACS Related Sites Chemistry Portals Chemical Societies Searchable Databases
General Journal Sites Medicinal Chemistry Links MSDS/Safety Software
Named Organic... Nomenclature Spectroscopy Miscellaneous Sites
Education Resources

ACS Related Sites

Organic chemistry reference resolver

Created by Oleksandr Zhurakovskyi

Bullet ACS Home Page
Bullet ACS Technical Divisions
Bullet ACS Meeting Page

Chemistry Portals

Bullet Hans Reich's Organic Chemistry Info
Bullet Matt McIntosh's List of Organic Research Groups
Bullet Stephen Chamberland's List of PUI Organic Research Groups
Bullet Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
Bullet Organic Chemistry Portal (by Prof. Doug Taber)
Bullet Chemistry 2000, Cambridge
Bullet DirectoryScience, Organic Chemistry Links
Bullet Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index

Chemical Societies

Bullet American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Bullet American Chemical Society (ACS)
Bullet Canadian Society for Chemistry, Organic Division
Bullet Chemical Institute of Canada
Bullet International Isotope Society
Bullet International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC)
Bullet Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI)
Bullet North American Catalysis Society
Bullet  Royal Society of Chemistry-Organic Division (RSC-Organic)
Bullet The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
Bullet The World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists
Bullet The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)


Bullet Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Bullet  CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool and  Beyond CASSI (Title Abbreviations (PDF))
Bullet ChemInform-Acronym Finder (Wiley)
Bullet Chemical Abstract Service (CAS)  (subscription required)
Bullet ChemSpider Synthetic Pages (Database of interactive chemical procedures)
Bullet ChemSynthesis
Bullet ChemWeb: Databases of Organic Information
Bullet eMolecules
Bullet Organic Syntheses
Bullet RCSB Protein Databank (PDB)
Bullet Reaxys (subscription required)
Bullet Science of Synthesis
Bullet Unichem (produces cross-references between chemical structure identifiers from different databases )
Bullet WebReactions (Free searchable Reaction Database)
Bullet WolframAlpha: Chemistry

General Journal Sites

Bullet ACS Online Publications
Bullet WileyInterscience Organic Chemistry Journal Listing
Bullet c2k- University of Cambridge (UK)
Bullet ACS Organic Division's Links to Organic Journals

MSDS/Safety Information Sites

Bullet ChemInfo MSDS
Bullet Dow Lab Safety Academy
Bullet Lab Safety
Bullet MSDS online
Bullet SIRI MSDS Index
Bullet UCLA Health & Safety
Bullet  OSHA Occupational Chemistry Database

MedChem/Pharma Links

Bullet Top 200 Pharmaceuticals Posters (by Jón Tryggvi Njarðarson Group)
Bullet Disease Focused Posters (by the Jón Tryggvi Njarðarson Group)
Bullet  ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry (MEDI)
Bullet Biospace Pharmaceutical Company News
Bullet FiercePharma Pharmaceutical Company News
Bullet Mayo Clinic
Bullet NIH Entrez Search
Bullet (Covers some patents, Literature, and chemistry relavent to Medchem)
Bullet PharmWeb YellowPages of Pharmaceutical Companies

Named Organic Reactions/Reagents/Effects

Bullet Named Organic Reactions (By Prof. Doug Taber)
Bullet (by Endri Gjiri)
Bullet List of Organic Reactions (Wikipedia)
Bullet Named Organic Reactions (by Hilton Evans)
Bullet Named Organic Reactions (by Marcus Brackeen)
Bullet Named Organic Reactions (by Daniel Beaudoin @Synarchive)
Bullet Named Organic Reagents (by Hans Reich)
Bullet Named Rules & Effects (by Hans Reich)
Bullet  Named Organic Reactions  (by Prof. Michael Smith) 


Bullet ACD Labs IUPAC's Organic Chemistry Nomenclature
Bullet IUPAC (Recommendations on Organic & Biochemical Nomenclature, Symbols, etc.)
Bullet IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology - the Gold Book (PDF)

Organic Spectroscopy Sites

General Sites
Bullet Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS, Japan)
Bullet Polymer Science Learning Center Spectral Database (PLSC,UWSP)
Bullet ChemSpider

NMR Sites
Bullet NMR Basics
Bullet NMR Spectral Problems
Bullet NMR Solvents (Data)
Bullet 1 H NMR Shifts
Bullet 13 C NMR Shifts


Bullet 3D Organic Chemistry Animations (ChemTube)
Bullet AMSOL
Bullet ChemDoodle By iChemlabs
Bullet ChemBioDraw (By Perkin Elmer/CambridgeSoft)

Tutorial Videos
Bullet ChemDraw Magic 1 Draw Viagra in 20 sec + many other tips (by Pierre Morieux)
Bullet ChemDraw Magic 2 More Tips and Tricks (by Pierre Morieux)
Bullet ChemDraw Magic Tricks: Quick Catalytic Cycles Elliptic is the New Round (by Pierre Morieux)

Bullet MarvinSketch: Structure Drawing Software (Free)
Bullet  MaxBridge -Maximally Bridged Ring Detection (website/free)
Bullet Schrödinger (Small-Molecule Drug Discovery)
Bullet Vogel Scientific Software: CIARA and CALACO.
Bullet Wavefunction: Spartan

Organic Chemistry Course/Education Resources

Bullet Challenging Problems in Organic Chemistry (Edited by David Evans)
Bullet ChemTube (3D-Molecular Movies of Reactions)
Bullet Chemistry 115 Handouts (Andrew Myers' Organic Synthesis Handouts)
Bullet Open Source Lecture Notes (by Professor Bode's research group)
Bullet Determining the product of Substitution or Elimination Reactions (by Robert Grossman)
Bullet Drawing Substitution and Elimination Products (by Robert Grossman)
Bullet OChemPal (Search on common abbreviations)
Bullet Organic Chemistry Practice Problems at MSU
Bullet  Organic Education Resources (  cCWCS)
Bullet's A Science Teacher's Polymer Education Guide
Bullet Stereochemistry Help (by Robert Grossman)
Bullet The Golden Rules of Organic Chemistry
Bullet Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry
Bullet Chimie générale & organique by Gérard Dupuis

Other Useful/Interesting Sites

Bullet Bullet 3D Organic Chemistry Animations (ChemTube)
Bullet A-Values
Bullet American Elements (interactive periodic table)
Bullet PTable (interactive periodic table)
Bullet Chemicool (interactive periodic table)
Bullet Elements Database (interactive periodic table)
Bullet Web Elements (interactive periodic table)
Bullet Chemical (Academic) Genealogy Database
Bullet Chemistry by Design (by the Jón Tryggvi Njarðarson Group)
Bullet Chemistry Video-clip Library
Bullet Chirality and Odour Perception
Bullet Combinatorial Chemistry Review
Bullet Compound Interest (by Andy Brunning)
Bullet Eminent Organic Chemist Videos
Bullet eMolecules
Bullet Famous Organic Chemists
Bullet Molecules that Matter
Bullet Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names
Bullet Not Voodoo (Organic Techniques/Information)
Bullet Organic Chemistry Lab Course (Universitaet Regensburg)
Bullet Organometallic Hypertextbook
Bullet OSIRIS Property Explorer
Bullet pKa Values
Bullet Protecting Groups (Data)
Bullet SynArchive (by Daniel Beaudoin)
Bullet Totally Synthetic Blog (by Paul Docherty)
Bullet Encyclopedia of Organic Reagents (eEROS) (Subscription required)
Bullet Nobel Prizes in Chemistry or Nobel Prizes in Chemistry on
Bullet Total Syntheses: Summary (by Prof. Reich)