Famous Organic Chemists

The following list of ~350 Famous Organic Chemists (and/or scientists who contributed to the fundamentals of organic chemistry) was originally compiled by Professor Michael B. Smith, Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut. He created the list for a graduate synthesis course he was teaching in the 1990’s. It is based on the icons of organic chemistry that he felt students should know. We have added Organic Chemists who have won the Roger Adams Award, Cope Award, or a Nobel Prize that is related to Organic Chemistry. The list itself and the links (mainly to Wikipedia) are provided as a service to the organic chemistry community. They are not an endorsement by the Division. If you would like us to consider other chemists and/or links, please use the Contact Us/Feedback form.

Some information on this page has been obtained from the Chemistry Tree – The Academic Genealogy of Chemistry Researchers

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Name (birth – death; country) [Ph.D. granting school; thesis advisor]


Adams, Roger (1889-1971; USA) [Harvard; with Torrey, Richards]

Adkins, Homer (1892-1949; USA) [Ohio State; with William Lloyd Evans]

Alder, Kurt (1902-1958; Germany) [Kiel; with Diels]

Allinger, Norman “Lou” L. (1928-2020; USA) [University of California, Los Angeles; with Cram]

Arbuzov, Aleksandr Erminingeldovich (1877-1968; Russian) [Kazan University; with Zaytsev]

Arigoni, Duilio (1928-2020; Switzerland) [ETH; with Ružička]

Arndt, Fritz (1885-1969; Germany) [Freiburg; with Howitz]

Arrhenius, Svanate (1859-1927; Sweden) [Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; Edlund]

Auwers, Karl von (1863-1939; Germany) [Berlin; with Hofmann]

Avogadro, Amadeo (1776-1856; Kingdom of Sardinia/Italy) [No Ph.D.]


Bader, Alfred R. (1924-2018; Austria/USA) [Harvard; with Fieser]

Baeyer, Adolph von (1835-1917; Germany) [Heidelberg; with Kekulé]

Bamberger, Eugen (1857-1932; Germany) [Berlin; with Liebermann]

Barbier, Philippe (848-1922; France) [École supérieure de pharmacie; with Berthelot]

Bartlett, Paul D. (1907-1997; USA) [Harvard; with Conant]

Barton, Sir Derek H.R. (1918-1998; England) [London; with Heilbron, E.R.H. Jones]

Battersby, Sir Alan R. (1925-2018; British) [University of St Andrews; with Openshaw]

Beckmann, Ernst (1853-1923; Germany) [Leipzig; with Kolbe]

Beilstein, Friedrich (1838-1906; Germany) [Heidelberg; with Wöhler]

Bergmann, Max (1886-1944; Germany/USA) [Berlin; Bloch]

Bergman, Robert G. (1942-; USA) [University of Wisconsin; with Berson]

Berson, Jerome A. (1924-2017; USA) [Columbia; with von Eggers Doering]

Berthelot, Marcellin (1827-1907; France) [Collège de France; with Balard]

Bertozzi, Carolyn R. (1966-; USA) [UC Berkeley; with Bednarski]

Berzelius, Jöns Jacob (1779-1848; Sweden) [Uppsala; with Afzelius]

Blanc, Gustave (1872-1927; France) [Paris; with Friedel]

Bloch, Konrad E. (1912-2000; Germany) [Columbia; with Schoenheimer]

Blomquist, Alfred T. [Link]. (1906-1977; USA) [Illinois; with Marvel]

Boekelheide, Virgil [Link] (1919-2003; USA) [Minnesota; with Koelsch]

Boger, Dale L. (1953-; USA) [Harvard; with Corey]

Bordwell, Frederick G. [Link] (1916-2002; USA) [Minnesota; with Suter]

Borodin, Alexander Porfiryevich (1833-1887; Russian) [University of Saint Petersburg; with Zinin]

Bouveault, Louis (1864-1909; France) [Paris; with Hanriot]

Bredt, Julius (1855-1937; Germany) [Strasbourg; with Fittig]

Breslow, Ronald (1931-2017; USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]

Brown, Herbert C. (1912-2004; USA) [Chicago; with Schlesinger]

Bruice, Thomas C. (1925-2019; USA) [Southern Calf.; with N. Kharasch]

Bucherer, Hans Theodor (1869-1949; Germany) [Leipzig; with Wislicenus]

Büchi, George (1921-1998; Germany/USA) [ETH; with Leopold Ružička]

Buchwald, Stephen L. (1955-; USA) [Harvard; with Knowles]

Bunsen, Robert W. (1811-1899; Germany) [Göttingen; with Stromeyer]

Burgstahler, Albert W. [Link] (1928-2013; USA) [Harvard; with Gilbert Stork]

Burrows, Cynthia (; USA) [Cornell; with Carpenter]

Butenandt, Adolf (1903-1995; German) [University of Göttingen]

Butlerov, Alexander M. (1828-1886; Russia) [University of Saint Petersburg; with Zinin]


Calvin, Melvin (1911-1997; USA) [Minnesota; with Glockler]

Carothers, Wallace (1896-1937; USA) [University of Illinois; with Adams]

Cannizzaro, Stanislao (1826-1910; Italy) [Pisa; with Piria]

Caserio, Marjorie Constance (1929-; British) [Bryn Mawr; with Ernst Berliner

Cava, Michael P. [Link] (1926-2011; USA) [University of Michigan; Bachmann then Dreiding]

Chapman, Orville L. [Link] (1932-2004; USA) [Cornell; with Jerrold Meinwald]

Chatterjee, Asima (1917-2006; India) [University of Calcutta; with Prafulla Kumar Bose]

Chevreul, Michel-Eugène (1786-1889; France) [Jardin des Plantes; with Vauquelin]

Chichibábin, Alekséy Yevgényevich (1871-1945; Russia) [Research assistant with Kablukov]

Chugaev (Tschugaeff), Lev A. (1873-1922; Russia) [Moscow; with Kablukov and Zelinski]

Claisen, Ludwig (1851-1930; Germany) [Bonn; with Kekulé]

Clemmensen, Erik Christian (1876-1941; Denmark) [Copenhagen; with unknown]

Closs, Gerhard L. (1928-1992; USA) [Universität Tübingen; with Wittig]

Conant, James B. (1893-1978; USA) [Harvard; with Kohler]

Condon, Francis E. [Link] (1919-2007; USA) [Harvard; with Bartlett]

Cope, Arthur C. (1909-1966; USA) [Wisconsin; with McElvain]

Corey, Elias J. (1928-; USA) [MIT; with Sheehan]

Cornforth, John Warcup (1917-2013; Australia) [Oxford; with Robinson]

Corriu, Robert J. P. [Link] (1934-2016, France) [University of Montpellier; with Casadevall]

Cossy, Janine (1950-; France) [University of Reims; with Jean-Pierre Pete]

Crafts, James M. (1839-1917; USA) [bachelor’s degree from Harvard (no Ph.D.); with Bunsen and Wurtz]

Cram, Donald J. (1919-2001; USA) [Harvard; with Louis Fieser]

Crick, Francis H.C. (1916-2004; England) [Cambridge; with Edward Nevilee de Costa Andrade]

Criegee, Rudolf (1902-1975; Germany) [Würzburg; with K. Dimroth]

Curtin, David Y. [Link] (1920-2011; USA) [Illinois; with Price]

Curtius, Theodor (1857-1928; Germany) [Leipzig; with Kolbe]


Danishefsky, Samuel J. (1936-; USA) [Harvard; with Yates]

Darzens, Auguste Georges (1886-1954; France) [École Polytech. Paris; with Grimaux]

Dauben, William G. [Link] (1919-1997; USA) [Harvard; with L.F. Fieser]

Debye, Peter J.W. (1884-1966; Netherlands) [Aachen University; with Sommerfeld]

Denmark, Scott E. (1953-; USA) [ETH Zürich; with Eschenmoser]

DePuy, Charles H. (1927-2013; USA) [Yale; with Doering]

Dervan, Peter B. (1945-; USA) [Yale; with Berson]

Dewar, Michael J.S. (1918-1997; India/USA) [Oxford; with F.E. King]

DeWitt, Sheila [Link] (; USA) [Duke; with Daniel Sternbach]

Dieckmann, Walter (1869-1925; Germany) [Munich; with Bamberger]

Diels, Otto (1876-1954; Germany) [Berlin; with E. Fischer]

Djerassi, Carl (1923-2016; Austria/USA) [Wisconsin; with Wilds]

Doering, William von E. (1917-2011; USA) [Harvard; with Linstead]

Dougherty, Dennis A. (1952-; USA) [Princeton University; with Mislow, Kurt]

Dreiding, André S. (1919-2013; Switzerland) [Michigan; with Werner Bachmann]

Dumas, Jean Baptiste André (1800-1884; France) [Paris; with Thenard]


Edman, Pehr (1916-1977; Stockholm) [M.D., Karolinska Inst.; with E. Jorpes]

Eliel, Ernest L. (1921-2008; Germany/USA) [Illinois; with Snyder]

Erlenmeyer, Jr. Friedrich Gustav Carl Emil (1864-1921; Germany) [Göttingen; with Erlenmeyer, Sr.]

Erlenmeyer, Richard August Carl Emil (1825-1909; Germany) [Ludwigs-Universität Giessen; with Liebig]

Eschenmoser, Albert (1925-2023; Switzerland) [ETH; with Schinz, Ružička]

Evans, David A. (1941-; USA) [Caltech; with Ireland]


Faul, Margaret [Link] (19–; Ireland?) [Harvard; with Evans]

Favorsky, Alexei Y. (1860-1945; Russia) [St. Petersburg; with Butlerov]

Feringa, Bernard Lucas “Ben” (1951-; Dutch) [University of Groningen; with Wijnberg]

Fieser, Louis F. (1899-1977; USA) [Harvard; with Conant]

Fieser, Mary (1909-1997; USA) [Radcliffe College (MA); with Louis Fieser]

Fischer, Emil (1852-1919; Germany) [Strasbourg; with Baeyer]

Fischer, Franz (1877-1947; Germany) [Giessen; with Elbs]

Fischer, Hans (1881-1945; Germany) [Marburg; with Zincke]

Fittig, Wilhelm Rudolph (1835-1910; Germany) [Göttingen; Limpricht and Wöhler.]

Folkers, Karl (1906-1997; USA) [Wisconsin; with Adkins]

Fox, Marye Ann (1947-; USA) [Dartmouth; with Lemal]

Frankland, Edward (1825-1899; England) [Philipps-Universität Marburg; with Bunsen]

Fréchet, Jean M. J. (1944-; France) [Syracuse; with Schuerch]

Friedel, Charles (1832-1899; France) [Sorbonne; with Louis Pasteur]

Friedländer, Paul (1857-1923; Germany) [Munich; with Baeyer]

Fries, Karl (1875-1962; Germany) [Marburg; with Zincke]

Fukui, Kenichi (1919-1998; Japan) [Kyoto; with Kodama]

Fuson, Reynold C. (1895-1979; USA) [Minnesota; with Hunter]


Gattermann, Ludwig (1860-1920) [Göttingen; with Hübner]

Gerhardt, Charles Frédéric (1816-1856; France) [Ludwigs-Universität Giessen; with Justus Von Liebig]

Gilman, Henry (1893-1986; USA) [Harvard; with Kohler]

Glaser, Carl [Link] (1841-1935; Germany) [Tübingen; with Strecker]

Gmelin, Leopold (1788-1853; Germany) [Göttingen; with Stromeyer]

Gomberg, Moses (1866-1947; Russia/USA) [Michigan; with Prescott]

Gräbe, Carl (1841-1927; Germany) [Heidelberg; with Bunsen]

Gouverneur, Véronique (1964-; Belgium) [Université catholique de Louvain; with Ghosez]

Greene, Theodora Whatmough (1931-2005; USA) [Harvard; with Corey]

Grignard, François Auguste Victor (1871-1935; France) [University of Lyons; with Barbier]

Grob, Cyril A. [Link] (1917-2003; England) [ETH; with Ružička, Reichstein]

Grubbs, Robert H. (1942-2021; USA) [Columbia University; with Breslow]


Haller, H.L. [Link] (1894-1972; USA) [Columbia; with Ambler]

Hammett, Louis P. (1894-1987; USA) [Columbia; with Beans]

Hammond, George S. (1921-2005; USA) [Harvard; with Bartlett]

Hantzsch, Arthur (1857-1935; Hermany) [Würzburg; with R. Schmitt]

Hartwig, John (1964-; USA) [University of California, Berkeley; with Bergman, Robert G. and Andersen, Richard A.]

Hauser, Charles R. (1900-1970; USA) [Iowa; with Coleman]

Haworth, Robert Downes [Link] (1898-1990; England) [Manchester; with Lapworth]

Haworth, Sir (Walter) Norman (1883-1950; England) [Göttingen; with Wallach and Perkin]

Heck, Richard F. (1931-2015; USA) [UCLA; with Winstein]

Heilbron, Sir Ian Morris (1886-1959; Scotland) [Leipzig; with Hantszch]

Hirschmann, Ralph F. (1922-2009; Germany then USA) [University of Wisconsin, Madison; with Johnson]

Hoesch, Kurt (1882-1932; Germany) [Berlin; with E. Fischer]

Hofmann, August Wilhelm von (1818-1892; Germany) [Ludwigs, Giessen; with Liebig]

Hoffmann, Roald (1937-; USA) [Harvard; with Martin Gouterman and William Lipscomb]

Houk, Kendall N. (1943-; USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]

House, Herbet O. (1929-2013; USA) [Illinois; with Reynold Fuson]

Hückel, Erich [Link] (1896-; Germany) [Göttingen; with Debye]

Huisgen, Rolf (1920-2020; Germany) [München; with Wieland]

Hunsdiecker, Cläre (1903-1995; Germany) [–; –]

Hunsdiecker, Heinz (1904-1981; Germany) [Göttingen; with Wintgen]

Huryn, Donna (; USA) [University of Pennsylvania; with Amos Smith]


Ingold, Sir Christopher K. (1893-1970; England) [London; with Thorpe]

Inhoffen, Hans Herloff (1906-1992; Germany) [Göttingen; with Windhaus]

Ipatieff, Vladimir N. (1867-1952; Russia) [University of Saint Petersburg; with Favorsky]

Ireland, Robert E. [Link] (1929-2012; USA) [Wisconsin; with Johnson]


Jacobsen, Eric N. (1960-; USA) [University of California at Berkeley; with Bergman]

Jacobsen, Oskar Georg Friedrich (1840-1889; Germany) [Kiel; with ?]

Johnson, William S. (1913-1995; USA) [Harvard; with Fieser]

Jones, Ewart Ray Herbert (1911-2002; Wales) [University of Wales; with Simonsen]

Joullié, Madeleine M. (1927-; Brazil) [University of Pennsylvania; with Day]

Julian, Percy Lavon (1899-1975; USA) [Vienna; with Späth]


Karrer, Paul (1889-1971; Russia) [Zürich; with Werner]

Kekulé, August (1829-1896; Germany) [Giessen; with Lieberg]

Kende, Andrew S. [Link] (1932-2018; Hungary/USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]

Kiessling, Laura L. (1960-; American) [Yale; with Stuart Schreiber

Kharasch, Morris S. (1895-1957; Ukraine/USA) [Chicago; with Piccard]

Khorana, Har Gobind (H. G.) (1922-2011; India/USA) [Liverpool; Beer]

Kiliani, Heinrich (1855-1945; Germany) [Munich; with Erlenmeyer]

Kishi, Yoshito (1937-2023; Japan) [Munich; with Hirata]

Kishner, Nikolai M. (1867-1935; Russia) [Moscow; with Markovnikov]

Kjeldahl, Johan (1849-1900; Denmark) [Unknown; with unknown]

Knoevenagel, Emil (1865-1921; Germany) [Universität Göttingen; Meyer]

Knorr, Ludwig (1859-1921; Germany) [Erlangen; with Fischer]

Kozlowski, Marisa C. [Link] (; Germany-USA) [University of California, Berkeley; with Bartlett]

Kohler, Elmer Peter [Link] (1865-1938; USA) [Johns Hopkins; with Remsen]

Kolbe, Herman (1818-1884; Germany) [Göttingen; with Friedrich Wöhler]

Krebs, Hans Adolf (1900-1981; Germany) [Hamburg (M.D.); with Wilhelm von Möllendorff]

Kuhn, Richard (1900-1967; Austria) [Munich; with Willstätter]

Kupchan, Morris (1922-1976; USA) [Columbia; with Elderfield]


Langmuir, Irving (1881-1957; USA) [Göttingen; with Dolezalek]

Lapworth, Arthur (1872-1941; Scotland) [University of London; with Kipping]

Laurent, Auguste (1807-1953; France) [Unknown; with unknown]

Lavoisier, Antoine-Laurent de (1743-1794; France) [Research assistant for Lacaille, Rouelle, and Guettard]

Lawesson, Sven-Olov (1926-1985; Sweden) [Uppsala; with Fredga]

Le Bel, Joseph Achille (1847-1930; France) [Unknown; with unknown]

Lehn, Jean-Marie (1939-; France) [University of Strasbourg; with Ourisson]

Lemieux, Raymond U. (1920-; Canada) [McGill; with Purves]

Leonard, Nelson J. [Link] (1916-2006; USA) [Columbia; with Elderfield]

Lewis, Gilbert N. (1875-1946; USA) [Harvard; with Richards]

Ley, Steven V. (1945-; UK) [Loughborough University; with Heaney, Harry]

Liebig, Justus von (1803-1873; Germany) [Ludwigs-Universität Giessen; with Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlob Kastner]

List, Benjamin (1968-; Germany) [University Frankfurt; with Mulzer, Johann]


MacMillian, David (1968-; Scotland) [University of California, Irvine; with Overman, Larry]

Major, Randolph T. [Link] (1901-1976; USA) [Princeton; with L.W. Jones]

Mannich, Carl (1877-1947; Germany) [Basel; with Thoms]

Manske, Richard H. F. [Link] (1901-1977; England) [Manchester; with Robinson, Lapworth]

March, Jerry (1929-1997; USA) [Penn. St.; with unknown]

Markovnikov (Markownikoff), Vladimir W. (1838-1904; Russia) [University of Saint Petersburg; with Butlerov]

Martin, Archer John Porter (1910-2002; England) [Cambridge University; with unknown]

Marvel, Carl S. (1894-1988; USA) [Illinois; with Noyes]

Maryanoff, Cynthia A. (1949-; USA) [Princeton University; with Taylor]

Masamune, Satoru [Link] (1928-2003; Japan) [University of California, Berkeley; with Rapoport]

McElwee-White, Lisa (; American) [California Institute of Technology; with Dennis A. Dougherty]

Meerwein, Hans (1879-1965; Germany) [Bonn; with Schroeter]

Meinwald, Jerrold (1927-2018; USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]

Meisenheimer, Jakob (1876-1934; Germany) [Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; with Thiele]

Meldal, Morten (1954-; Denmark) [Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby; with Klaus Bock]

Merrifield, Robert Bruce (1921-2006; USA) [UCLA; with Dunn]

Meyer, Kurt Hans (1883-1952; Germany) [Leipzig; with Hantzsch ]

Meyer, Karl [Link] (1899-1990; Germany) [Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology, Berlin-Dahlem; Meyerhof]

Meyer, Viktor (Victor) (1848-1897; Germany) [Heidelberg; with Bunsen]

Michael, Arthur (1853-1942; USA) [Research assistant for Hofmann, Bunsen, Wurtz, and Mendeleev]

Michaelis, Leonor (1875-1949; Germany) [M.D., Berlin; with Hertwig]

Mislow, Kurt Martin (1923-2017; USA) [California Institute of Technology; with Pauling]

Mitscherlich, Eilhard A. (1794-1863; Germany) [Göttingen; with Stromeyer]

Moore, Richard E. [Link] (1933-2007; USA) [Berkeley; with Henry Rapoport]

Mosher, Harry S. (1915-2001; USA) [Penn State; with Frank Whitmore]


Nazarov, Ivan Nikolaevich (1906-1957; Russian) [University of Saint Petersburg; with Favorsky]

Nakanishi, Koji (1925-; Japan) [Nagoya University; with Yoshimasa Hirata]

Nef, John Ulric (1862-1915; Switzerland) [Munich; with Adolf von Baeyer]

Neniţzescu, Costin D. (1902-1970; Romania) [Polytechnic Inst. in Zürich and Ludwig Maximilians Univ. in Munich; with Hans Fischer]

Newman, Melvin S. (1908-1993; USA) [Yale; with R.J. Anderson]

Nicolaou, K. C. (1946-; Cyprus) [ University College London; with Professors F. Sondheimer and P. J. Garratt]

Nightingale, Dorothy Virginia (1902-2000; USA) [University of Chicago; with Stieglitz]

Norris, James F. (1871-1940; USA) [Johns Hopkins; with Remsen]

Noyes, William Albert (1857-1941; USA) [Johns Hopkins; with Remsen]

Noyes, William Albert, Jr. (1898-1980; USA) [Sorbonne; with Henry Louis Le Chatelier]

Noyori, Ryōji (1938-; Japan) [Kyoto University; with Nozaki]

Nozoe, Tetsuo (1902-1996; Japan) [Tohoku University; with Majima]


Olah, George A. (1927-2017; Hungary/USA) [Tech U. Budapest; with Géza Zemplén]

Overman, Larry E. (1943-; USA) [University of Wisconsin-Madison; with Whitlock]


Paquette, Leo Armand (1934-2019) [MIT; with Nelson]

Parker, Kathlyn A. (; USA) [Stanford; with William S. Johnson]

Pasteur, Louis (1822-1895; France) [École Normale Supérieure; with Balard]

Pauling, Linus (1901-1994; USA) [Cal Tech; with R. Dickinson and Tolman]

Pauson, Peter Ludwig (1925-2013; Germany) [Sheffield; with R.D. Haworth]

Pedersen, Charles J. (1904-1989; USA) [Nobel prize without a Ph.D.]

Pelletier, S. William [Link] (1924-2004; USA) [Cornell; with J. R. Johnson]

Perkin Jr., William Henry (1860-1929; England) [Würzburg; with Wislicenus]

Perkin, Sir William Henry (1838-1907; England) [No Ph.D.]

Pettit, George Robert [Link] [Link2] (1929-; USA) [Wayne State; with Djerassi]

Pitzer, Kenneth S. (1914-1997; USA) [University of California, Berkeley; with Latimer]

Pope, Sir William J. (1870-1939; England) [Imperial College; with Armstrong]

Pregl, Fritz (1869-1930; Austria) [Universität Graz; with Rollett]

Prelog, Vladimir (1906-1998; Yugoslavia/Switzerland) [Prague; with Emil Votoček]

Prévost, Pierre (1751-1839; Switzerland) [École Polytechnique Paris; with Joseph Louis Lagrange]

Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804; England) [Unknown; with unknown]

Pschorr, Robert (1868-1930; Germany) [University of Jena; with Knorr]

Pummerer, Rudolf [Link] (1882-1973; Austria) [Munich; with Richard Willstätter]


Reformatsky, Sergeius (1860-1934; Russia) [University of Leipzig; with Ostwald]

Reetz, Manfred T. (1943-; German) [Göttingen; with Schöllkopf]

Reimer, Carl (1845-1883; Germany) [Berlin; with Hofmann]

Remsen, Ira (1846-1927; USA) [Göttingen; with Wilhelm Rudolph Fittig]

Reppe, Walter (1892-1969; Germany) [Munich; with K. H. Meyer]

Ritter, John J. (1895-??; USA) [Columbia; with Bogert]

Roberts, John D. (1918-2016; USA) [UCLA; with W.G. Young]

Robinson, Sir Robert (1886-1975; England) [Manchester; with Perkin]

Rosenmund, Karl W. (1884-1965; Germany) [Berlin; with Diels]

Ruff, Otto (1871-1939; Germany) [Berlin; H. E. Fischer]

Russell, Glen A. [Link] (1926-1998; USA) [Purdue; with Brown]

Ružička, Leopold (1887-1976; Yugoslavia/Switzerland) [Karlsruhe; with Staudinger]


Sabatier, Paul (1854-1941; France) [College de France; with Berthelot]

Sandmeyer, Traugott (1854-1922; Switzerland) [assistant; to V. Meyer, Hantzsch]

Sanger, Frederick (1918-2013; Engalnd) [Cambridge; with Neuberger]

Sarett, Lewis H. (1917-1999; USA) [Princeton; with Everett Wallis]

Saunders, Martin [Link] (1931-; USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]

Scheele, Carl Wilhelm (1742-1786; Sweden) [apothecary in Stockholm]

Scheuer, Paul J. [Link] (1915-2003; German/USA) [Harvard; with Woodward]

Schlenk Wilhelm (1879-1943; Germany) [Munich; with Piloty]

Schleyer, Paul von Ragué (1930-2014; USA) [Harvard; with Barlett]

Schlenk, Wilhelm (1879-1943; Germany) [Munich; with Piloty]

Schlesinger, Hermann I. (1882-1960; USA) [Chicago; with Stieglitz]

Schmitt, Rudolf (1830-1898; Germany) [Marburg; with Kolbe]

Schotten, Carl (1853-1910; Germany) [Berlin; with Hofmann]

Schreiber, Stuart L. (1956-; USA) [Harvard; with Woodward and Kishi]

Schultz, Peter G. (1956-; USA) [Caltech; with Dervan]

Seebach, Dieter (1937-; Germany) [Karlsruhe; with Rudolf Criegee]

Seeman, Jeffrey I. (1946-; USA) [University of California, Berkeley; with Dauben]

Sertürner, Friedrich W. (1783-1841; Germany) [apothecary in Hamelin]

Seshadri, T.R. (1900-1975; India) [Manchester University; with with Robert Robinson;]

Sharpless, K. Barry (1941-; USA) [Stanford; with van Tamelen]

Sheehan, John C. (1915-1992; USA) [Michigan; with Bachmann]

Shine, Henry J. [Link] (1923-; England) [London; with E. E. Turner, FRS]

Shriner, Ralph L. (1899-1994; USA) [Illinois; with R. Adams]

Simmons, Howard E., Jr. (1929-1997; USA) [MIT; with J.D. Roberts, A.C. Cope]

Smith, Amos B. III (1944-; USA) [Rockefeller; with Agosta]

Smith, Ronald D. (1930-; USA) [MIT; with Cope]

Sondheimer, Franz (1926-1981; Germany) [Imperial College; with Heilbron]

Staudinger, Hermann (1881-1965; Germany) [Halle; with Vorlnder]

Stoddart, J. Fraser (1942-; Scotland) [University of Edinburgh; with Hirst and D M W Anderson]

Stork, Gilbert (1921-2017; Belgium/USA) [Wisconsin; with McElvain]

Strecker, Adolph (1822-1871; Germany) [Giessen; assistant to Liebig]

Streitwieser, Andrew (1927-; USA) [Columbia University; with von Eggers Doering]

Swern, Daniel (1916-1982; USA) [Maryland; with J.T. Scanlon]

Synge, Richard L.M. (1914-1994; England) [Cambridge; with Thomas Robinson Pirie Gibb]

Szent-Györgyi, Albert (1893-1986; Hungary) [Cambridge; with Schlesinger]


Taft, Robert W. [Link] (1922-1996; USA) [Ohio State; with Newman]

Taube, Henry (1915-2005; Canada/USA) [UC Berkeley; with Bray]

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