Green Organic Chemistry Resources

The following resources/links on Green Organic Chemistry take you off the ACS Organic Division’s Website. The links to these websites/papers are provided as a service to the organic chemistry community. They are not an endorsement by the Division. If you would like us to consider other resources, please use the Contact Us/Feedback form. Special thanks to Helen Sneddon (of GSK) for her efforts in gathering the initial list of these resources together.

Solvent Guides:

From: Green Chem. 2016, 18, 288
  • ACS: Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable
  • CHEM21’s selection guide of classical- and less classical-solvents Prat, D.; Wells, A.; Hayler, J.; Sneddon, H.; McElroy, C. R.; Abou-Shehada, S.; Dunn, P. J. Green Chem. 2016, 18, 288-296. (open access)
  • GSK: Updating and Further Expanding GSK’s Solvent Sustainability Guide Alder, C. M.; Hayler, J. D.; Henderson, R. K.; Redman, A. M.; Shukla, L.; Shuster, L. E.; Sneddon, H. F. Green Chem. 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6GC00611F.
  • Pfizer: Green chemistry tools to influence a medicinal chemistry and research chemistry based organisation Alfonsi, K.; Colberg, J.; Dunn, P. J.; Fevig, T.; Jennings, S.; Johnson, T. A.; Kleine, H. P.; Knight, C.; Nagy, M. A.; Perry, D. A.; Stefaniak, M. Green Chem . 2008, 10, 31-36.
  • Sanofi’s Solvent Selection Guide: A Step Toward More Sustainable Processes Prat, D.; Pardigon, O.; Flemming, H.; Letestu, S.; Ducandas, V.; Isnard, P.; Guntrum, E.; Senac, T.; Ruisseau, S.; Cruciani, P.; Hosek, P. Org. Proc. Res. Dev . 2013, 17, 1517-1525.
  • AstraZeneca: Toward a More Holistic Framework for Solvent Selection Diorazio, L. J.; Hose, D. R. J.; Adlington, N. K. Org. Proc. Res. Dev. 2016, ASAP (open access)

Other Solvent Related Resources:

  • NMR Chemical Shifts of Trace Impurities: Industrially Preferred Solvents Used in Process and Green Chemistry (peaks of residual solvents in 6 different NMR solvents) Babij, N. R.; McCusker, E. O.; Whiteker, G. T.; Canturk, B.; Choy, N.; Creemer, L. C.; De Amicis, C. V.; Hewlett, N. M.; Johnson, P. L.; Knobelsdorf, J. A.; Li, F.; Lorsbach, B. A.; Nugent, B. M.; Ryan, S. J.; Smith, M. R.; and Yang, Q. Org. Process Res. Dev., 2016, 20, 661-667. (open access)
  • Development of GSK’s NMR Guides – A tool to encourage the use of more sustainable solvents Gottlieb, H. E.; Graczyk-Millbrandt, G.; Inglis, G. A.; Nudelman, A.; Perez, D.; Qian, Y.; Shuster, L. E.; Sneddon, H. F.; Upton, R. J. Green Chem. 2016 DOI: 10.1039/C6GC00446F.
  • A convenient guide to help select replacement solvents for dichloromethane in chromatography Taygerly, J. P.; Miller, L. M.; Yee, A.; Peterson, E. A. Green Chem. 2012, 14, 3020-3025.
  • Replacement of dichloromethane within chromatographic purification: a guide to alternative solvents MacMillan, D. S; Murray, J.; Sneddon, H. F. ; Jamieson, C.; Watson, A. J. B. Green Chem. 2012, 14, 3016-3019.
  • Development of a tripartite solvent blend for sustainable chromatography Chardon, F. M.; Blaquiere, N.; Castanedo, G. M.; Koenig, S. G. Green Chem. 2014, 16, 4102-4105.

Reagent Guides:

  • ACS: Green Chemistry Institute’s Pharmaceutical Roundtable
  • Development of GSK’s Reagent Guides – Embedding Sustainability into Reagent Selection Adams, J. P.; Alder, C. M.; Bullion, A. M.; Campbell-Crawford, M.; Darcy, M. G.; Hayler, J. D.; Henderson, R. K.; Oare, C. A.; Pendrak, I.; Redman, A. M.; Shuster, L. E.; Sneddon, H. F.; Walker, M. D. Green Chem. 2013, 15, 1542-1549 .
  • Development of GSK’s Acid and Base Selection Guides Henderson, R. K.; Hill, A. P.; Redman, A. M.; Sneddon, H. F. Green Chem. 2015, 17, 945-949.
  • Evaluation of Alternative Solvents in Common Amide Coupling Reactions: Replacement of Dichloromethane and N, N -Dimethylformamide MacMillan, D. S.; Murray, J.; Sneddon, H. F.; Jamieson, C.; Watson, A. J. B. Green Chem. 2013, 15, 596-600 (open access).
  • Development of a Solvent Selection Guide for Aldehyde-based Direct Reductive Amination Processes McGonagle, F. I.; MacMillan, D. S.; Murray, J.; Sneddon, H. F.; Jamieson, C.; Watson, A. J. B. Green Chem. 2013, 15, 1159-1165.

General Green Chemistry Resources: