Early-Career Investigator Symposium Nominations are Due

The Division sponsors the Early Career Investigator Symposium (formerly known as the Young Investigator Symposium) annually at the Fall ACS meeting. Appropriate candidates will be independent investigators who are no more than 10 years from graduate school or post-doctoral appointment, be a current researcher in a non-academic setting (e.g. industry, government or non-profit laboratory) and have demonstrated outstanding promise for future contributions to Organic Chemistry. Our goal is to put together a symposium of young, up-and-coming scientists from a range of backgrounds, organizations and industries.

Nominations for the 2024 Early Career Symposium are due February 6, 2024. The symposium honoring the selected candidates will take place at the Fall 2024 ACS National Meeting. For more information see: https://organicdivision.org/eci