Awards Earned by the Division

While the division supports a wide range award programs (see the Awards Menu above) and we have listed a variety of awards for organic chemists (given by ACS) that are given to recognize achievements in the field, the division has won the awards listed below.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2021.

Awarded Fall 2022.

The Division of Organic Chemistry was recognized for Innovation and Outstanding Service to Members of a Division by developing the Organic Chemistry Data website which was developed with use with mobile devices. The site features approximately 1,500 HTML pages and 650 PDF documents fundamental to understanding organic chemistry. More than 225,000 visitors (approximately 1,000 users per day) accessed the site in 2021.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2014.

Awarded Fall 2015.

The Division of Organic Chemistry is recognized with an Outstanding Technical Division Career Program Award for the Young Investigator’s Symposium (YIS) held at Fall ACS meetings. The YIS provides great exposure and recognition for young, highly innovative industrial chemists to show their accomplishments in a national forum. Over 100 young scientists from large and small companies, government, and non-profit agencies have received the award since 2007.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2013.

Awarded Fall 2014.

The Division of Organic Chemistry is recognized for the 2013 (4th) Annual Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) that was held at the University of Delaware, where 49 graduate students were selected from 38 institutions to present their research to peers and professional participants from academia and industry. The networking among the students was the greatest single benefit of this program.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2012.

Awarded Fall 2013.

The Technical Achievements in the Organic Chemistry Award Symposium (TAOC) recognized outstanding contributions in the field of organic chemistry from accomplished chemists at the bachelor’s and master’s levels who are pursuing careers in chemical industry and research institutes. Symposium awardees presented their research at the 2012 ACS Fall National Meeting. The TAOC program was initiated in 1992, and as of 2013, there have been a total of 272 awards.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2011.

Awarded Fall 2012.

The Division of Organic Chemistry annually awards summer undergraduate research fellowships (SURF) to outstanding organic chemistry students. The fellowships provide support for undergraduates to carry out independent research at their respective colleges/universities. Students then have the opportunity to visit the Pfizer Global R&D Center and present their research.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2009.

Awarded Fall 2010.

The Organic Division is being recognized for establishing an annual symposium to provide opportunities for Assistant Professors (details of the program) to present their work in a high profile setting at a national meeting preceding their tenure decisions. See C&EN 2010, 88 (41), 44.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2005.

Awarded Fall 2006.

Outstanding Programming for Younger Chemists by a Division. The Division of Organic Chemistry – The Division of Organic Chemistry awards Young Researcher Travel Awards to aid young chemists in presenting papers or posters at the ACS National Meetings as well as sponsors fellowships to outstanding third and fourth year graduate students in organic chemistry.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 2002.

Awarded Fall 2003.

ORGN has one of the most impressive websites maintained by a Division. ORGN has established the Troyansky Endowed Graduate Fellowship. With industrial support, ORGN has increased the quantity and quality of support to graduate students. See C&EN 2003, 81 (41), 114.

ChemLuminary Award for Activities in 1999.

Awarded Fall 2000.

The Division of Organic Chemistry raised funds for 18 graduate student fellowships in the amount of $18,500 each. The division also maintains a website for employment opportunities in organic chemistry where prospective postdoctoral members and potential employers can register. See C&EN 2000, 78 (38), 74.

ACS Award for Outstanding Performance by Large Divisions

Awarded 1990

This award was in recognition of outstanding services of the Division to its members and for meritorious contributions to the chemical profession and public understanding of the fundamental importance of chemistry to mankind.

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