Upcoming Graduate Research Symposium

Graduate Research Symposium 2022 Group Photo
DOC GRS Organic Chemistry Group Photo UCSB

We thank the 2022 Graduate Research Symposium Sponsors: 

ACS Publications, Adesis, Amgen, Apeel Sciences, Arcus Biosciences, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Corteva Agriscience, FMC, Genentech, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, IFM Therapeutics, Incyte, Janssen, J-Star, Lilly, Merck, Mirati, Novartis, Nurix, Organic Reactions, Organic Syntheses, Pfizer, PharmaBlock, Relay Therapeutics, Sanofi, Snapdragon, Takeda, TCG GreenChem, Vertex

The DOC Graduate Research Symposium, which provides an opportunity for 50-75 graduate students in organic chemistry to interact with leaders from academia, industry, various funding agencies, and publishers at a single venue will take place at the Montana State University (Bozeman, MT) on July 20-23, 2023. There will be a number of invited speakers from industry and academia, and the invited students will have the opportunity to give an oral communication, or present a poster. Workshops and additional opportunities for round-table discussions will be organized to inform students about opportunities available in the field and to gain important perspectives on their post-graduate school careers.

Attendance criteria

  • Individuals must be completing their fourth year of graduate study.
  • Individuals must be must be members of the Division of Organic Chemistry–the student’s ACS number will be requested in the application form.
  • No more than one person per research group and up to three people per institution may attend.
  • Departments may nominate up to three individuals, taking into account diversity within the Department.
  • The Co-Chairs of the Symposium will select participants on the basis of a résumé, a synopsis of research accomplishments and a letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor.
  • Women and underrepresented minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

Registration and Travel Expenses for the Graduate Research Symposium

The Division of Organic Chemistry will provide gratis registration for the meeting, which includes meals and accommodation. The Division has LIMITED funds available for travel support (up to $400), so applicants are strongly encouraged to seek support from other sources.

Application/Nomination Process

The deadline for submission is March 7, 2023 (note the deadline has been extended because it was originally on a Saturday). We expect all GRS participants to adhere to the ACS code of conduct. Deviations from this policy should be reported.

Nominations should be submitted by the candidate’s recommender who must be a member of the Organic Division via this online submission form.

A complete nomination shall consist of:

  1. The completed application form (available here as a MS Word file) with details about the applicant’s background and training.
  2. One letter of recommendation that comments on the academic record, productivity, and career potential of the applicant.
  3. A letter from the Chair of your Department stating that the nominee is one of three (3) candidates from your Department.

All documents must be combined and submitted as a single PDF file in the order specified above (Application Form, Letter of Recommendation, Letter from Chair).

Please name the file using the following format: Candidate’s Last Name_First Name-GRS.pdf (i.e. Smith_David-GRS.pdf)

Questions regarding the program should be directed to Angie Angeles and P. Andy Evans

For technical problems with the online submission, please use the Contact Us Form.