ACS Catalysis Lectureship Award

ACS Catalysis Lectureship Award for the Advancement of Catalytic Science honors an individual or a collaborative team for recent and significant contributions to the field, which appeared as a publication in ACS Catalysis within the last three calendar years. The lectureship recognizes a publication that provides a distinctive, creative, and impactful contribution to catalysis science. Special consideration will be given to early-career researchers as well as to the originality and impact of the article on the field of catalysis as a whole. For more information see the 2023 editorial entitled “Changes to the 2024 ACS Catalysis Lectureship Awards” by Cathleen Crudden, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Catalysis.

Sponsorship of the ACS Catalysis Lectureship:

The ACS Divisions of Organic Chemistry (starting with the 2024 award) and Catalysis Science and Technology (CATL) (since 2012) are partnering with ACS Catalysis to provide the award

Nature of the Award:

The corresponding author of the recognized article will receive 1) an award plaque (separate plaques if two corresponding authors); complimentary registration for ACS Fall meeting; 3) travel funds (US$2,500) to attend and present at the ACS Fall National Meeting. Note: If two corresponding authors are to be recognized, the honorarium and travel funds will be split between them.


  • Self nominations are welcome and encouraged.
  • Nominated articles must have been published in ACS Catalysis within the corresponding 3 calendar years either in an issue or ASAP. (i.e. for the 2024 award the work must have appeared in 2021, 2022 or 2023).
  • Nominees’ work must be in the area of homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, or biocatalysis/enzymology. In the nomination, select which area is the best fit for the publication being recognized. Each publication being nominated will be judged in only one of the three areas.
  • Multiple articles by the same author(s) may be nominated, though separately.
  • Team nominations will be limited to two principal team members, who are corresponding authors on the work being recognized.
  • The following individuals are ineligible to be considered: Current ACS Publications Editors-in-Chief and Deputy Editors, Executive Editors, Associate Editors, and Topic Editors; Elected officers of the CATL and ORGN Divisions; Members of the awards’ selection committee

Nominations and Additional Info:

Nomination Deadline: December 31, 2023

2024 Award Nomination Page

Previous Awards:

  • 2023 – Molecular/homogeneous catalysis: Mary Watson, University of Delaware
  • 2022 – Heterogeneous Catalysis: Eranda Nikolla, Wayne State University
  • 2021 – Biocatalysis or enzymology: Thomas Ward, University of Basel
  • 2020 – Homogeneous or Molecular catalysis: Shannon Stahl, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2019 – Heterogeneous catalysis: Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos and E. Charles H. Sykes, Tufts University
  • 2018 – Biocatalysis: Nicholas Turner, The University of Manchester
  • 2017 – Paul Chirik
  • 2016 – Matthias Beller
  • 2015 – Morris Bullock and Daniel Dubois
  • 2014 – Suljo Linic
  • 2013 – John Hartwig
  • 2012 – Alan Goldman