Call for papers: Symposium on Tautomers and Biology

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Abstracts for the ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, (August 22 – 26, 2010) are being solicited for this symposium sponsored by COMP.

Tautomerism is possible for approximately one quarter of biologically interesting small molecules such as xenobiotics, enzyme substrates or cofactors, and biological mediators. Tautomerism complicates investigations into enzyme mechanisms and structure-activity relationships as well as such simple calculations as pKa, octanol-water log P, and molecular similarity. The objective of this symposium is to showcase the many facets of tautomerism. Examples of appropriate submissions would be observations of the form of a tautomeric molecule bound to a macromolecule, experimental exploration of the bioactive tautomer of a molecule, calculations or measurements of tautomeric equilibrium constants in water and non-aqueous solvents, strategies to enumerate tautomers for molecular docking and pharmacophore perception, investigations of enzyme mechanisms that involve tautomerism, and challenges to cheminformatic handling of tautomers.

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