Extension: Nominations for the DOC Graduate Research Symposium

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The Division of Organic Chemistry will hold the second Graduate Research Symposium for 50-75 organic chemistry graduate students on July 14-17, 2011 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Student and invited speaker seminars, student posters, and round-table discussions with experts from all walks of the profession will provide a stimulating and rewarding experience for participants. Eligibility will be restricted to those students completing their fourth year of graduate study at the time of the Symposium, and attendees must be Division of Organic Chemistry members. Departments may nominate up to five individuals, taking into account diversity within their Department. Participants will be selected from these nominees by the Chair and Co-Chair of the Symposium on the basis of a résumé and synopsis of research accomplished with due consideration of diversity. No more than 1 person per group and 2 people per institution for the first 50 and then up to 1 extra student per institution for every additional 25 participants may attend. Applications are now available and the due data has been extended to April 15th. See the Upcoming GRS page for more details.