Featuring the Organic Chemistry Reference Resolver

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With help from Oleksandr (Alex) Zhurakovskyi (at the University of Oxford), the ACS, Organic Division has provided direct access to the Organic Chemistry Reference Resolver from our website. This utility/website is intended to facilitate reference retrieval from the internet from a wide variety of publishers: instead of finding the corresponding journal page and then browsing through numerous issues, one can type something like “Acc. Chem. Res. 2000, 33, 346” or “acie 45 7134” and be redirected straight to the desired abstract. A full list of the supported query formats is available on the Resolver website. Because we feel that this will be a resource used by many of our members, we have added a link to the Organic Reference Resolver under Resources in the Navigation bar. Additionally, we have added the search widget directly to our Organic Journals and Organic Web Links pages (both found under Resources in the Navigation bar). Alex is currently working to add the majority of journals found on our Organic Journals page to his search utility, and others can be added upon request. You can see the current list by clicking on the “Display supported journals” link on chemsearch.kovsky.net.

Update: In recent weeks, Alex has added several journals including Synthesis and Synlett, which brings the total number of journals supported to 74.