Reaction Mechanisms Conference on June 22-25, 2014

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The 35th Reaction Mechanisms Conference (RMC) will be held June 22-25, 2014 on the campus of the University of California, Davis. Topics to be covered by an outstanding international program of speakers will include C-H bond activation, the Bergman Cyclization, pi-stacking, solar energy materials, FRET, reactive intermediates, and matrix isolation, among others. A special session honoring Prof. Robert G. Bergman for his impact on the field of physical organic and organometallic chemistry will include presentations from his friends and colleagues. The Program Chair is Paul G. Wenthold, Purdue University and the Local Organizer is Dean Tantillo, UC Davis. For inquires and sponsorship information email: [email protected]. Registration, travel, and housing details are available at: Twitter: @2014RMC