The 2014-15 DOC Graduate Fellowship Winners

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The Division of Organic Chemistry congratulates the following 5 graduate students who are the 2014-15 DOC Fellows. In addition to the five Fellowship Awardees listed, we have recognized 9 applicants for their achievements and granted each of them a travel award to the 2015 NOS.

The Division also gratefully acknowledges Amgen, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Organic Reactions, Inc., and Organic Syntheses, Inc. who sponsored these awards this year and in the past. This program is in its 34th year and has awarded 395 fellowships (See them all here).

Liana Hie University of California, Los Angeles Neil Garg Amgen
Gregory Lackner University of California, Irvine Larry Overman Organic Reactions Inc. and Organic Syntheses, Inc.
Caitlin McMahon University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill Erik Alexanian Boehringer Ingelheim
Eduardo Mercado-Marin University of California, Berkeley Richmond Sarpong Organic Syntheses Fellowship
Robert Newberry University of Wisconsin-Madison Ron Raines Nelson J. Leonard Graduate Fellowship sponsored by Organic Syntheses, Inc.
The Following Students were Awarded Travel Awards to NOS 2015
Steven Banik Harvard Eric Jacobsen DOC-NOS Travel Award
Kaitlyn Crawford University of Maryland, College Park Larry Sita DOC-NOS Travel Award
Evan Darzi University of Oregon Ramesh Jasti DOC-NOS Travel Award
Andrew Neel University of California, Berkeley Dean Toste DOC-NOS Travel Award
John Issa Tufts University Clay Bennett DOC-NOS Travel Award
Nicole Serio University of Rhode Island Mindy Levine DOC-NOS Travel Award
Andy Thomas University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Scott Denmark DOC-NOS Travel Award
Kanny Wan Scripps Research Institute Ryan Shenvi DOC-NOS Travel Award
Alex Zhukhovitskiy Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jeremiah Johnson DOC-NOS Travel Award