The 2015-16 DOC Graduate Fellowship Winners

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The Division of Organic Chemistry congratulates the following 5 graduate students who are the 2015-16 DOC Fellows. In addition to the five Fellowship Awardees listed, we have recognized 6 applicants for their achievements and granted each of them a travel award to the 2017 NOS.

The Division also gratefully acknowledges Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Organic Syntheses, Inc. who sponsored these awards this year and in the past. Through this program the Division has awarded 398 fellowships since 1981 (See them all here).

Student University Advisor Sponsor
Juliet Alderson University of Wisconsin, Madison Jennifer Schomaker Troyansky Fellowship (Organic Division Endowment)
Nicole Camasso University of Michigan Melanie Sanford Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Fellowship
Joshua Hummel Yale University Johnathan Ellman Organic Syntheses Fellowship
Zachary Kasun University of Texas, Austin Michael Krische Nelson J. Leonard Fellowship sponsored by Organic Synthesis, Inc.
Matthew Larsen University of California, Berkeley John Hartwig Organic Syntheses and Organic Reactions Fellowship

The Following Students were Awarded Travel Awards to NOS 2017

Trandon Bender University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Michel R. Gagné DOC-NOS Travel Award
Dennis Hu Stanford University Noah Burns DOC-NOS Travel Award
Brandi Hudson University of California, Davis Dean J. Tantillo DOC-NOS Travel Award
Adam Levinson Sloan Kettering Samuel Danishefsky DOC-NOS Travel Award
Samantha Shockley Caltech Brian Stoltz DOC-NOS Travel Award
John Tellis University of Pennsylvania Gary A. Molander DOC-NOS Travel Award