The Division of Organic Chemistry announces the the 2012-13 Graduate Fellows

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The 2012-13 Division of Organic Chemistry Fellows are:

Michael Joseph Ardolino Boston College
Adam Goetz University of California, Los Angeles
Aaron T. Herrmann University of California, Santa Barbara
Jeffrey C. Holder California Institute of Technology
Alison Metz University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Murphy University of California, Berkeley
John Duy Nguyen Boston Univeristy
Bradley D. Rose University of Oregon

Short Biographies of the 2012-13 Fellows and their essays are available here.

We gratefully acknowledge the sponsors (Amgen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Genentech, Merck, Organic Reactions, Organic Syntheses, and the DOC Troyansky Endowed Fellowship Fund), and thank Organic Letters for the opportunity to publish their biographical sketches.

The Division has awarded over 380 graduate fellowships under this program since 1981 (See the comprehensive list of the award winners).

We welcome contacts from companies, individuals and organizations interested in sponsoring annual fellowships or wishing to endow a fellowship. There are always many more deserving applicants than there are fellowships! Please contact Professor Melanie Sanford (; Tel: (734) 615-0451) if you would like to sponsor a fellowship.