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Policies for Employment Postings

Mission/Purpose of this Service:

To provide an employment clearinghouse for postdoctoral research associates:

Category I: Academic/Industrial/Government Laboratory Employers advertising "postdoctoral positions available."

Category II: Young scientists ("Prospective Employee") who presently seek a one- or two-year postdoctoral appointment in an Academic/Industrial/Government Laboratory.

Eligibility Requirements (Updated February 11, 2000):

Categories I and II: Information will be accepted from Principal Investigators and Prospective Employees only. No postings will be made on behalf of secondary employers or persons/companies who are acting as an employer's or employee's agent.

Information That Should be Contained in Your Announcement (Updated February 11, 2000):

Category I: Name and contact information (e.g., mailing address, telephone/FAX numbers, e-mail address) of the Prospective Employer.

Category II: Listings submitted by Prospective Employees will be assigned a control number and will be posted anonymously (vide infra).

Prospective Employers (Category I): Please provide a BRIEF description (no more than 150 words, please!) of the position, including duties, hours/week or month, approximate staring date and duration of appointment, salary, and benefits. Please include any special notices (e.g., "the University of X is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer").

Prospective Employees (Category II): Please provide a BRIEF description (no more than 150 words) of the type of postdoctoral position that you are seeking, including the area of your expertise (e.g., synthetic organic chemistry, drug design, physical-organic chemistry, theoretical-organic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, etc.) and related information.

New in Year 2000:

All prospective employees will be assigned a "control number" so that postings are anonymous, if requested. Interested prospective employers are instructed to contact the Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, Division of Organic Chemistry (i) indicat ing their potential interest in a prospective employee by citing the relevant control number and (ii) providing information about the type of postdoctoral position available, special requirements, salary/benefits, and related information. The Secretary-Treasurer then will forward this information to the prospective employee for follow-up action. After initial contact has been made, the prospective employee may be asked to furnish detailed information directly to the prospective employer. Typically, prospective employers will want to know more about the prospective employee's relevant professional experience (curriculum vitae and list or research publications), approximate date(s) of availability, salary/bwenefits requirements (if any), and also names and addresses of personal references who are familiar with the prospective employee.

Other Information:

Postings will remain on the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry's Employment Opportunities web site for 30 days, after which time they will be removed automatically by the web master.

  • If the position has not been filled within the 30 day posting period, the Employer/Prospective Employee may desire to re-submit information for a second posting.
  • No more than two postings for the same position will be made on behalf of an Employer within the same calendar year.
  • Employers/Prospective Employees are urged to notify the web master immediately if the position is filled before the posting has expired.


Please send postings for employment opportunities to:

Dr. Brian J. Myers  
Web Master, ACS Division of Organic Chemistry (DOC)  
In collaboration with the DOC Secretary-Treasurer  
via the Contact Us/Feedback Form