Travel Award Recipients for the Dallas ACS National Meeting

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The Organic Division currently provides Travel Awards to up to 10 Graduate Students, Undergraduates, and Faculty at Predominantly Undergraduate institutions who are presenting papers or posters at each ACS National Meeting. The recipients for the 2014 Spring ACS National Meeting are:

Type First Name Last Name Institution Advisor
Faculty Jessie Carrick Tennessee Technological University  
Graduate Khanh Ha University of Florida Alan R. Katritzky
Graduate Laura Hardebeck     Saint Louis University Michael Lewis
Graduate Caitlin McMahon Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill     Erik Alexanian
Graduate Joshua Wieting The Ohio State University Anita Mattson
Undergraduate Jacob Buchanan Central Washington University Stephen Chamberland
Undergraduate Janelle Kirsch Hope College Jeffrey B. Johnson
Undergraduate Kali Miller Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Steven C. Zimmerman
Undergraduate     Kathryn Olsen Elizabethtown College James A. MacKay
Undergraduate Brannon Springer Purdue University  David Colby

Application deadlines for National Meetings will typically be  November 15th  for the Spring meeting and  May 1st  for the Fall Meeting. To learn more, see the Organic Division’s  Travel Award page .