ALL DOC Video Resources Made Available

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As a result of the number of people that are now sequestered at home away from work and the laboratory, the Division of Organic Chemistry has decided to immediately release all of our video content that has been for members only. The nonpublic content includes 33 NOS Lecture Videos from NOS2013, NOS2015, NOS2017 and NOS2019; and 5 archived Virtual Symposia from 2018–2019.

Additionally, we want to take this opportunity to remind you of our other collections of video content such as the Eminent Organic Chemistry Videos (timeless interviews of 20 organic chemists by Jeffrey Seeman in 2008) and our small collection of historic organic chemistry lectures by Berson, Woodward, Wotiz, and Heck.

Finally, we are also making the 830 2020 Philadelphia ORGN Abstracts submitted for the cancelled ACS Meeting available to the public as a PDF file (649 pages, 16 MB).

Please note, if you can login to our website (using your ACS Login credentials), then you are a member of the division and we truly appreciate your support where our mission is to foster and promote the advancement of the field of organic chemistry. Membership fees defray the cost of gathering these video and abstract resources and they help in supporting the many programs that the Division of Organic Chemistry provides (as documented on this website) which are administered by a large group of volunteers. If you are not a member, please consider joining the division now or when you renew your ACS membership. Please note you can be an affiliate member of the division without being a member of ACS. Affiliates have the same privileges as the regular members of the Division except that they cannot vote on matters of the Division nor hold an elective position.

We hope that this will help you keep engaged in your pursuit of understanding and developing excellent organic chemistry in this difficult time.