Past DOC Virtual Symposia

Past Virtual Symposia Videos are available to members of the division.

Virtual Symposium – April 8, 2020

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Matthew Francis
Kami Hull
Transition Metal Catalyzed Amination University of Texas at Austin
Matthew Francis
University of California, Berkeley
Site-Specific Protein Modification Using Enzymatic Oxidative Coupling Reactions

Virtual Symposium – October 1, 2019

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Christina Woo
Harvard University
Binding Site Hotspot Mapping By Photo-affinity Labeling
Carolyn Bertozzi
Stanford University
Lysosome Targeting Chimeras (LYTACs) As A New Therapeutic Modality

Virtual Symposium May 29th, 2019

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Corinna Schindler
University of Michigan

Erick M. Carreira
ETH Zürich

DOC Virtual Symposium – October 9th, 2018

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Tim Jamison
On-Demand Synthesis
Anna Mapp
University of Michigan
From Fuzzy to Function: Small Molecule Control of Transcription
Due to Technical Difficulties the slides stopped appearing toward the end of Dr. Jamison's talk. The complete audio of the symposium is here, but we will be bringing Prof. Mapp back for our next symposium in 2019.

DOC Virtual Symposium – August 14th, 2018

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Rebecca Ruck
Merck & Co, Inc.
Innovation at Merck Process R&D
Scott Miller
Yale University
Selective Catalytic Reactions in Complex Molecular Environments Inspired by Natural Products

May 2018 Virtual Symposium – Natural Products

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Sarah Reisman
California Institute of Technology
Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Natural Products and the Chemistry They Inspire
Phil Baran
The Scripps Research Institute
Studies in Natural Product Total Synthesis

Virtual Symposium – April 20, 2022

This Symposium brings you talks from:

Mark Ondari
The elastic anatomy of industrial chemistry: From basic research in electronic materials to process development & manufacturing science of agrochemicals
Liz Jarvo
University of California, Irvine
Nickel-Catalyzed Stereoselective Cross-Coupling and Cross-Electrophile Coupling Reactions of Ethers and Sulfonamides