Recognizing scientists who have demonstrated sustained excellence in Organic Chemistry.

In 2021, the Division will begin sponsoring the Mid-Career Investigator Symposium annually. Appropriate candidates will be independent investigators who are 11-20 years from graduate school or post-doctoral appointment and be a current researcher in a non-academic setting (e.g. industry, government or non-profit laboratory).

Selected nominees will have demonstrated outstanding and sustained commitment to Organic Chemistry, as well as leadership in the field.  This may include leadership of project teams, a significant publication track record, academic collaborations, or in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Previous Early Career Investigators (Young Investigators) are eligible to be nominated for the symposium, providing a period of three years has passed since the previous nomination.  Additionally, the contributions for which a candidate is nominated must be substantially different than the Early Career nomination.

A nomination letter should be written by the head of a department or division, and should highlight the scientist’s creativity, productivity, and leadership.  Selected nominees will present a 30 minute scientific talk at an upcoming ACS meeting.  A brief description of the talk’s topic should be included. A copy of the candidate’s CV should also be included. Our goal is to put together a diverse symposium of scientists who have shown significant creativity and leadership in their careers from a range of backgrounds, organizations and industries.

Nominations for the 2022 Mid-Career Investigator Symposium are due February 4, 2022. The symposium honoring the selected candidates will take place at the 2022 ACS Fall National Meeting. Send nominations to Drs. Lisa Marcaurelle and Steve Silverman.

Speakers for the 2021 Mid-career Investigator’s Symposium

Yun Ding, GSK

Travis Dunn, AbbVie

Cameron Lee, Novartis

Fangzheng Li, Corteva

Kevin Maloney, Merck

Mehran Jalaie, Pfizer

Jennifer Riggs, BMS

Oliver Thiel, Amgen