Reimbursement for Speakers at DOC Symposia at National ACS Meetings

  • Academic speakers are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses, which will depend upon the amount of funds raised by the symposium organizer. For example, a typical reimbursement for an academic speaker would include:
    • Travel – Non-Refundable round trip coach airfare to the meeting (usually up to $500).
    • Registration – ACS members are expected to take advantage of early registration. Please note that a cheaper one-day registration is available if the speaker will only be at the meeting for the day of the symposium.  Foreign non-members are also eligible for the higher fees.
    • Accommodation – Two night’s stay in a hotel (please choose one from the ACS list, if possible).
    • Miscellaneous – Other reasonable expenses (taxi, tolls, etc.), but not meals, during the trip.
  • Industrial speakers are typically not eligible for reimbursement, however in some unusual circumstances, some limited reimbursement may be allowable.
  • Speakers working for the government or a non-profit institution are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement amount outside the guidelines is at the discretion of the session organizer and Divisional Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Total amount eligible for reimbursement for a single session up to $4000 (see above). 
  • Symposium organizers are eligible for reimbursement within the above guidelines (and so long as they are an academic).
  • The symposium organizer will collect all original receipts from the speakers, complete the necessary reimbursement forms, and submit to the treasurer Robert E. Maleczka.
  • The symposium organizer may also take the symposium speakers out to a luncheon or dinner during the ACS meeting if there is sufficient funding. Since case reports to the donors of expenditures are often required, these should not exceed $150 per person or $1250 per symposium session.  The Division’s Executive Committee should approve amounts in excess of these guidelines in advance.

Any funds that are raised by the organizer are technically donated to the DOC, which formally funds the symposia at the National Meetings.  Symposium organizers should manage the overall expenses for their symposium on behalf of the DOC, so please be sure to let the speakers understand the guidelines before the symposium to avoid misunderstandings. 

As an organizer, it is your responsibility to determine the distribution of available funds.  This is critical when there are not enough funds to pay all of the expenses encumbered by invited speakers.  In this case, you must indicate to the Secretary/Treasurer the level of partial reimbursements to be accorded to each speaker.

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