Organometallics 2018 Distinguished Author Award Lectureship



Tianning Diao Wins the 2018 Organometallics Distinguished Author Award Lectureship


Tianning Diao, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at New York University, is the 2018 recipient of the Organometallics Distinguished Author Award.  Organometallics, the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry, and the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry sponsor this annual award, which recognizes the author of an exceptional article published in Organometallics in the previous two calendar years. The award is given to the author of an article that emphasized the importance of organometallic chemistry and had a profound impact on organic and inorganic chemistry as a whole.

Professor Diao, a 2017 NSF CAREER Awardee, focuses her research on developing new transition metal catalysts and studying mechanisms of catalytic reactions. For example, Diao’s group recently published the first structural characterization of palladium agostic complexes (Organometallics 2017, 36, 4099). These are intermediates in polymerization reactions that have eluded structural characterization and been long sought after by synthetic chemists. This finding offers important insight into chemical bonding.

“Tianning is being recognized in part for her group’s paper on the structural characterization of β-agostic integration in palladium complexes that is relevant to catalytic reactions such as ethylene polymerization and the Heck reaction, Professor Paul J. Chirik, Editor-in-Chief of Organometallics says. More broadly, Chirik notes her work in the area of homogeneous catalysis, as well as her contributions in understanding carbon-carbon bond forming reactions in nickel catalysis, including C-C reductive eliminations and ene-yne cyclizations. “Tianning’s combination of catalyst development, mechanistic studies, and applications toward synthesis makes her an outstanding recipient of this honor and highlight the vibrancy and breadth of organometallic chemistry,” he says.