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Technical Achievement Awards

Nomination form is now open

Charge of the Program

The purpose of the Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry (TAOC) award program is to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of organic chemistry from accomplished, professional chemists holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or the equivalent, who are pursuing careers in industrial or government sectors.

Selection of Awardees

Awardees are selected by the TAOC Awards Committee from a pool of candidates usually nominated by their respective employers, and are approved by the Executive Committee of the Division of Organic Chemistry. Nominations are accepted through the online Nomination Form and must include the following materials: (a) a letter containing the address of the nominator and information written on company letterhead of nomination that presents evidence that illustrates the accomplishments, creativity and independence of the nominee (b) the nominee's CV (including work address and e-mail) that includes a description of their educational background and experience, and publication and patent record and (c) any other information that documents the special achievements and/or contributions made by the nominee. Seconding letters and copies of selected publications will be considered, but are not necessary.

Events Associated with TAOC Awards

There are two events associated with the TAOC Awards. There is a luncheon for the awardees, typically on Wednesday of the ACS Fall National Meeting. The Awards are typically presented at this luncheon. There is a symposium (half or full day depending on the number of awardees), typically on Wednesday of the ACS Fall National Meeting.

Awardee Responsibilities

Awardees present their recent discoveries in basic or developmental research during 30 minute presentations (time period is flexible depending on number of awardees) at the ACS National Fall Meeting. As an awards symposium, under ACS bylaws there is no question and answer period.


We encourage nominators to select candidates who are both excellent scientists and good communicators. To nominate a Bachelor's/Master's or equivalent level chemist for this symposium, please complete the online nomination form-Nominations for 2017 are Due January 31, 2017 (Note: Nominators must be members or affiliates of the ACS, Organic Division and the form will open in in Late-December 2016). The form requires a letter describing the nominee's contributions and the candidate's curriculum vitae. Additional letters and supporting documents are most welcome, but not essential. Nominees should hold at least a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent), be currently working in chemistry, and should not have received a previous Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry Award.

Questions may be directed to Tim White via email

Submittal Process

Submit the nomination through the Online Nomination Form. The nomination documents should be uploaded as a single PDF file. Please name the file using the following format: Nomineelastname_Nomineefirstname_TAOC.pdf.  For example: Smith_Jane_TAOC.pdf.

Your PDF file should have the following parts in the following order:

    1. Nomination Letter on Company Letterhead
    2. Nominee's CV
    3. Supplementary Information (optional)


The TAOC was initiated in 1992, and as of 2016, there have been a total of 309 awards. A list of awardees and their affliations follows:

The 2016 Award Winners

Picture: 2016 TAOC Awardees

Front row (L to R): Wes Schafer, Michelle Tran-Dubé, Brian Huckabee, Matthew Daniels, Emily Hanan, Thomas Caferro. Back row (L to R): James Jewell, Brian Jones, Kyle Baucom, Neil Kallman, Scott A. Savage, Brian Kotecki, Scott Bagley (2016 TAOC Chair)

The 2015 Award Winners

Picture: 2015 TAOC Awardees

Pictured L to R: Scott Bagley (TAOC Committee), Mark Bundesmann, Edmund Harrington, Sriram Tyagarajan, Timothy Braden, Jacqui Hoffman, Michael Kobierski, Andre Shavnya, Kenneth Engstrom, Thomas Pahutski, and Katherine Lee (2015 TAOC Committee Chair)

The 2014 Award Winners

Picture: 2014 TAOC Awardees

Back (L to R) Bruce Bechle, John Rizzo, Scott Savage, Daniel Richter, Scott Bagley, Joel Calvin, Tim White Front (L to R) Robert Reamer, Craig Stump, John Guo, Nga Do, Roger Rothhaar

The 2013 Award Winners

Pictured Left to Right; Tim White, Mike Shevlin, Jonathan Grimm, Brian Wakefield, Kim Voronin, John Rizzo, Sharada LaBadie, Mike Collins, Usa Reilly, Scott Bagley, Teresa Makowski

The 2011 Award Winners

TAOC 2011 Winners

The 2010 Award Winners

TAOC 2010 Winners

Front Row: Paige Mahoney (2012 TAOC Chair), Kelly McClure, Nandini Patel, Perry Heath, Andrea Hillegrass, Jeff O’Meara, Michael Cobb, Judy Cohen (2011 TAOC Chair)

Back Row: Sammy Shave, Robert Kester, Paul Glossop, Charles Bernard, Tao Li, Enrique Vazquez, Maureen Chisholm, Chris Semko, Robert Shumate

Not pictured: Chris Welch (2010 TAOC Chair)

The 2009 Award Winners


Front Row: Kae M. Bullock (GlaxoSmithKline), Cornelia J. Forster (Novartis), Shaei Y. Huang (Merck), David W. Hoard (Eli Lilly and Company), Nelo R. Rivera (Merck), Keith A. Eagen (Schering-Plough) and Molly E. Hoke, (2009 TAOC Chair).

Back Row: Pete Delgado (Alcon Laboratories), Michael J. Palmer (Pfizer UK), Maria Angelica Linton (Pfizer), Thomas A. Chappie (Pfizer), William D. Miller (Eli Lilly and Company), Jeffrey C. Kern (Wyeth) and Daniel M. Green (Wyeth).

Missing from photo: Charles P. Vandenbossche (Sepracor), Chris Welch, 2010 Chair (Merck) and Judy Cohen, 2011 Chair (Cordis).

The 2008 Award Winners


Front Row (Left to right): Paula L. Sharpe (DuPont Crop Protection), Irene Drizin (Abbott), Joshua Kaplan (Wyeth), Rob Larsen (2008 TAOC Chair, Amgen), Huaqing Liu (Abbott), Michael T. Martin (GlaxoSmithKline)

Back Row: Molly Hoke (2009 TAOC Chair, Wyeth), Daniel S. Gardner, IV (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Andrew S Bell (Pfizer), John H. Tatlock (Pfizer), John P. Caldwell (Schering-Plough) , Brian C. Vanderplas (Pfizer), Kevin M. Belyk, (Merck), Peter J. Manley (Merck Research Laboratories)

Award Winners 2016

Kyle Baucom Amgen
Thomas Caferro Novartis
Matthew Daniels Novartis
Emily Hanan Genentech
Brian Huckabee Eli Lilly and Company
James Jewell Merck
Brian Jones Pfizer, Inc.
Neil Kallman Eli Lilly and Company
Brian Kotecki AbbVie
Scott A. Savage Briston-Myers Squibb
Wes Schafer Merck
Michelle Tran-Dubé Pfizer, Inc

Award Winners 2015

Timothy Braden Eli Lilly and Company
Mark Bundesmann Pfizer Inc
Kenneth Engstrom AbbVie
Edmund Harrington Novartis
Jacqui Hoffman Pfizer Inc
Michael Kobierski Eli Lilly and Company
Thomas Pahutski Dupont
Andre Shavnya Pfizer Inc

Sriram Tyagarajan


Award Winners 2014

Scott Savage Genentech
Nga Do Pfizer
Roger Rothhaar Eli Lilly
Craig Stump Merck
Bruce Bechle Pfizer
Robert Reamer Merck
Joel Calvin Eli Lilly
Daniel Richter Pfizer
John Guo GSK
Amber Mantz Janssen

Award Winners 2013

Scott Bagley Pfizer Inc.
Michael Collins Pfizer Inc.
Jonathan Grimm Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Sharada LaBadie Genentech, Inc.
Teresa Makowski Pfizer Inc.
Usa Reilly Pfizer Inc.
Michael Shevlin Merck & Co., Inc.
Kimberly Voronin Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Brian Wakefield AbbVie Inc
Timothy White Eli Lilly and Company

Award Winners 2012

Jessica Bailey GSK
Douglas Beyer Dow
Robert Farrell Amgen
Jonathon Grob Novartis
Tom Kirrane Boehringer Ingelheim
Tom Koenig Lilly
Chris McBride Takeda
Dann Parker Merck
Neil Sach Pfizer
Janice Seiser Pfizer
Anthony Shaw Merck
Tuan Tran Pfizer
Jason Weatherhead GSK
Yan Zhang Fox Chase Chemical Diversity

Award Winners 2011

Christian Brochu Boehringer Ingelheim
Richard Buzon Pfizer
Kerry Keertikar Merck (Schering Plough)
Diane Luci NIH
Martha Minich Pfizer
Jeremiah Powers GlaxoSmithKline
Kevin Sullivan Eli Lilly
Florian Wakenhut Pfizer, Sandwich
Robert Weikert Roche
Mark Youngman Purdue Pharma
Daniel Zewge Merck
Zhijian Zhao Merck

Award Winners 2010

Charles Bernard Amgen
Maureen Chisolm Cordis
Michael Cobb DuPont
Paul Glossop Pfizer
Perry Heath Lilly
Robert Kester Roche
Tao Li Abbott
Kelly McClure J&J PRD La Jolla
Jeff O'Meara Boehringer Ingelheim
Nandini Patel Pfizer
Chris Semko Elan
Sammy Shaver Inspire
Robert Shumate Proctor & Gamble
Enrique Vazquez Merck
Andrea Hillegass Sanofi-Aventi

Award Winners 2009

Kae M. Bullock GlaxoSmithKline
Thomas A. Chappie Pfizer Global R&D
Pete Delgado Alcon Laboratories
Keith A. Eagen Schering-Plough
Cornelia J. Forster Novartis
Daniel M. Green Wyeth Research
David W. Hoard Eli Lilly and Company
Shaei Y. Huang Merck & Co. Inc.
Jeffrey C. Kern Wyeth Research
Maria Angelica Linton Pfizer Global R&D
William D. Miller Eli Lilly and Company
Michael J. Palmer Pfizer Global R&D
Nelo R. Rivera Merck & Co. Inc.
Charles P. Vandenbossche Sepracor

Award Winners 2008

Andrew S Bell Pfizer
Kevin M. Belyk Merck
John P. Caldwell Schering-Plough
Irene Drizin Abbott
Daniel S. Gardner, IV Bristol-Myers Squibb
Joshua Kaplan Wyeth
Huaqing Liu Abbott
Peter J. Manley Merck Research Laboratories
Michael T. Martin GlaxoSmithKline
Paula L. Sharpe DuPont Crop Protection
John H. Tatlock Pfizer
Brian C. Vanderplas Pfizer

Award Winners 2007

Charles Alt Eli Lilly
Charles Clark Bristol Myers Squibb
Kevin Curran Wyeth
Kevin Dack Pfizer
Mark Embrey Merck
Andy Freeman GlaxoSmithKline
Matthew Graneto Pfizer
John Miller GlaxoSmithKline
Michael Staszek Eli Lilly
Biqi Wu Wyeth

Award Winners 2006

David Betebenner Abbott
Rodolfo Cadilla GSK
Norman Colbry Pfizer
Gary C. Davis GE
Christine Ng DiMarco Merck
Michael J. Hawkins J & J
Julia Lam Lee GE
Yimin Lu Fluorous Technologies
John Moliterni Roche
Amarnauth Prashad Wyeth
Peter Ruminski Pfizer
Gerry Sullivan Abbott
Michael B. Wallace Takeda

Award Winners 2005

Natasha Andrievsky Eastman Kodak (Rochester)
Schuyler Antane Wyeth (Princeton)
Michael Breslin Merck (West Point)
Andre Giroux Merck Frosst (Quebec)
Susan Hagen Pfizer (Ann Arbor)
Yansong (Jack) Lu Novartis (East Hanover)
Joseph Payack Merck (Rahway)
Mark Pozzo Pfizer (Kalamazoo)
Peter Rose Pfizer (Groton)
Uresh Shah Wyeth (Pearl River)

Award Winners 2004

Kenneth J. Bordeau Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Ying Chen Amgen Inc.
Peter H. Dorff Pfizer Inc, Groton
Robert P. Gomez Merck Research Laboratories
Tracy F. Gregory Pfizer Inc, Ann Arbor
Jeffrey L. Havens Pfizer Inc, Kalamazoo
Richard F. Heier Pfizer Inc, St. Louis
Brian E. Kornberg Pfizer Inc, Ann Arbor
Matthew J. Laufersweiler Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Joseph McKenna Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.
Bradley J. Newhouse Array BioPharma
Efren G. Delos Santos Wyeth Research
Marjorie S. Waters Merck Research Laboratories

Award Winners 2003

Douglas C. Beshore Merck West Point
Larry Black Abbott
Michael Collini Wyeth, Collegeville
Mila Du Wyeth, Pearl River
Richard Frenette Merck Frosst
Paul D. Johnson Pfizer
Donald Ludovici J&J PRI
William R. Perrault Pfizer
John Rizzo Lilly
Mel Schroeder Pfizer, Ann Arbor
John Tucker Pfizer, Groton
Joseph W. Wilson Lilly

Award Winners 2002

Michael Castaldi Pfizer/Groton
Michele M. Cudahy Pharmacia
James F. Dropinski Merck/Rahway
Claude Dufresne Merck Frosst
James P. Guare Merck/West Point
Denis Har Novartis
Timothy Z. Hoffman Scripps Research Institute
Daniel Ortwine Pfizer/Ann Arbor
Sai P. Shum Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Gary Shrum Proctor & Gamble
Ronald Sorcek Boehringer-Ingelheim
Bryan Sorensen Abbott Sorensen
Joseph Swistok Hoffman-La Roche
Thomas M. Wilson Lilly

Award Winners 2001

Glen Brons ExxonMobil
Robert Chambers Pfizer (Groton)
Hassan Elokdah Wyeth-Ayerst
Pierre Hamel Merck Frosst
Alan Hruza Schering-Plough
Micheal E. LeTourneau Eli Lilly
Kyle J. Lindstrom 3M Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Dennis McNamara Pfizer (Ann Arbor)
Julie Miyashiro Pharmacia
Pat O'Brien Pfizer (Ann Arbor)
James Perkins Merck
Christopher Rito Eli Lilly Laboratories
Kenneth C. Rupert RW Johnson
Robert Steffan Wyeth-Ayerst
Elizabeth Thomasco Pharmacia

Award Winners 2000

James Aikens Eli Lilly
Kevin Allen Shell Chemical Company
Stephen Barret Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals
Rick Clark Abbott Pharamaceuticals
Gary Dabbagh Bell Labs
David Damon Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Jeffrey Grimm RW Johnson Pharmaceuticals
Sean Klopfenstein Procter & Gamble
Todd Kohn Eli Lilly
Lynette Oh DuPont Pharmaceuticals
Usha Patel Boehringer Ingelheim
Linda Payne Merck-West Point
Toni-Jo Poel Pharmacia & Upjohn Medchem
John Scheigetz Merck Frosst

Award Winners 1999

James. L. Bullington RW Johnson Pharmaceuticals
P. J. Dollings Wyeth-Ayerst
Robert L. Hoffman Pharmacia and Upjohn
John J. Parlow Searle Monsanto
Li-Jen Ping SmithKline Beecham
Paresh M. Thakker Genetics Institute, Inc.
Anthony J. Villiani SmithKline Beecham
William B. Vreeland Eastman Kodak
Henry S. Wong Bristol-Myers Squibb

Award Winners 1998

Todd Butler Pfizer
John Catt Bristol Myers Squibb
Earl Clark Phillips Petroleum
Judith Cohen RW Johnson
David Eickhoff Procter and Gamble
John Gilmore Parke Davis
Susie Haadsma-Svensson Pharmacia and Upjohn
William Hoffman Merck Research Laboratories
Suresh Kapadia Boehringer Ingelheim
Natalie Merrill Exxon Chemical Company
Marcia Schilling Lucent Technologies
Joe Strohbach Pharmacia and Upjohn
Mark Webster Hoechst Marion Rousel
Michael Wilson Parke-Davis

Award Winners 1997

Jon A. Ashley The Scripps Research Institute
Leo S. Bleicher SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc.
Brent A. Dellacoletta FMC Corp.
C. A. Franke Eastman Kodak
L. F. Frey Merck
Sigmond G. Johnson RW Johnson
Paul D. May Pharmacia and Upjohn
Kimberly S. Para Parke Davis
J. T. Repine Parke Davis
Victor W. Rosso Bristol Myers Squibb
Thomas J. Tucker Merck
Michael P. Walker DuPont Agricultural Products
R. E. White Procter and Gamble
William J. Zembroski Pfizer

Award Winners 1996

H. Zhou Parke-Davis
Robert M. DiPardo Merck
Nancy A. Wicnienski Pharmacia & Upjohn
Andrew M. Blum DuPont Merk
Danny J. Garland Searle Research and Development
Douglas W. Beight Hoechst Merion Roussal
G. D. Harris DuPont Merck
Wenjie Li Merck
F. L. Ciske Hoechst Marion Roussel
G. Kris Huang SmithKline Beecham
D. A. Lust Bristol-Myers Squibb
Pamela E. Outt Procter and Gamble
T. M. Judge Pharmacia and Upjohn
Lisa S. Silverman Schering-Plough Research Institute

Award Winners 1995

Richard J. Carmosin R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute
D. Bankston Glaxo Research Institute
Sharon A. Jackson Dupont Merck Pharmaceutical Company
Karl W. Aston Monsanto
Jolanta Nowakowski Pfizer
Paul P. Spara Eastman Kodak
Jerry W. Misner Eli Lilly
W. H. Darlington Upjohn
James A. Linn Burroughs Wellcome
J. Kelly Schering-Plough
Robert J. Altenbach Abbott
David A. Hay Marion Merrell Dow
M. Mellinger SmithKline Beecham
Paul M. Dybas Procter and Gamble

Award Winners 1994

John J. Court Sterling Winthrop
M. L. Baker Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
R. T. Shuman Eli Lilly and Company
Russel J. Shine Pfizer
Elaine C. Lee Abbott
David L. Varie Eli Lilly
Susana Neira DuPont
M. D. Dutia Lederle
R. C. Crouch Burrough Wellcome
Ann M. Diederich SmithKline Beecham

Award Winners 1993

Gary M. Coppola Sandoz Research Institute
Ruth E. TenBrink The Upjohn Company
Allen J. Lovey Hoffmann-LaRoche
M. R. Powers Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
A. C. Scotese Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
Harry R. Howard Pfizer, Inc.
M. J. Urbanski R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute
G. D. Hiler II Procter and Gamble
Theodore J. Lambros Hoffmann-LaRoche
John E. Feaster DuPont
C. Hoelscher PPG Industries
R. Lee Ethyl Corporation
Brian K. Cheng Monsanto

Award Winners 1992

David F. McComsey R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Christiane Yoakim Bio-Méga Inc.
Raymond G. Lovey Schering-Plough Research Institute
S.R. Turner The Upjohn Company
Timothy Shepherd Eli Lilly & Co.
Yves Leblanc Merck Frosst, Canada
Jacques Y. Gauthier Merck Frosst
J. J. McNally R. W. Johnson
Donald P. Matthews Marion Merrell Dow
Kanu M. Patel DuPont
Donn G. Wishka Upjohn
S. Shilcrat SmithKline Beecham