2023 Division of Organic Chemistry Election Results

Categories: News

We are delighted to announce the results of the recent Division election.

  • Chair-Elect:
    Amy Howell (University of Connecticut)
  • Treasurer:
    Joseph Ward III (University of Michigan)
  • Councilor:
    Huw Davies (Emory University)
    Elizabeth Swift (Janssen)
  • Alternative Councilor:
    Alex Grenning (University of Florida)
  • Members-at-Large:
    Leila Abrous-Sasanka (California State University, San Marcos)
    Mingji Dai (Emory University)
    Aleksandra Holownia (AbbVie)
    Andy McNally (Colorado Stat University)

We always appreciate the support and dedication of the outgoing members of the DOC Executive Committee. We especially want to thank outgoing secretary Scott Sieburth who has served as Secretary of the Division since 2017. Scott had also previously served as the DOC program chair from 2008-2010. Rick Broene who was elected as Secretary-Elect last year will officially take on the role of DOC Secretary in January.