22nd NSF CCHF Virtual Symposium

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The CCHF team would like to officially invite you to the 22nd NSF CCHF Virtual Symposium on Tuesday (May 11, 2021) at 4 PM ET. This event will be the first part of a special edition of the series, where we will be celebrating our academic alumni—our proud legacy. The symposium will be recorded and posted to the CCHF YouTube channel after the event.

An exciting set of young academic researchers will give talks:
Vincent Lindsay (NC State, Sarpong Alum) – Enantioselective Synthesis of Modular Cyclopropanone Equivalents and Applications as Highly Strained Building Blocks
Julian G. West (Rice University, Stoltz/Sorensen Alum) – Radical Insights into C–H Bonds
Peng Liu (University of Pittsburgh, Houk Alum) – Computational Approaches for Mechanistically-Guided Catalyst Discovery
Elizabeth Bess (UC Irvine, Sigman Alum) – Gut Reactions: Using Chemistry to Uncover the Gut Microbiome’s Role in Parkinson’s Disease
Keary Engle (Scripps, Yu Alum) – Oxidative Alkene Functionalization via C(Alkenyl)–H Activation