Division Election Results 2017

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We extend our congratulations to the following individuals who have been elected to the leadership of the Division for 2017:

Katherine L. Lee, Pfizer – Chair-Elect
Robert E. Maleczka, Jr., Michigan State University – Treasurer-Elect
Lisa A. Marcaurelle, Warp Drive Bio – 2019 NOS Executive Officer
Paul R. Hanson, University of Kansas – 2019 NOS Co-Executive Officer
Matt McIntosh, University of Arkansas – 2017 NOS Co-Executive Officer
Steven Silverman, Merck – Program Chair-Elect, 2017-2018
David A. Conlon, Bristol-Myers Squibb – Councilor, 2017-2019
Jeffrey Aubé, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Alternate Councilor, 2017-2019
Malika Jeffries-EL, Boston University – Alternate Councilor, 2017-2018
Annaliese K. Franz, University of California, Davis – Member-at-Large, 2017-2019
Amy R. Howell, University of Connecticut – Member-at-Large. 2017-2019
Luis Sanchez, Niagara University – Member-at-Large, 2017-2019
Kevin D. Walker, Michigan State University – Member-at-Large, 2017-2019