Early Career Scientist Nominations-Due in Early February

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The Organic Division (DOC) recognizes early career scientists through two programs:

1) The Academic Young Investigator’s Symposium at the Fall National conference, which is composed of Assistant Professor speakers who are entering their fifth or sixth years and who have not yet been considered for tenure. Sixteen speakers are annually invited to give 30-minute presentations on their work. We invite you to nominate Organic Assistant Professors as potential speakers for this symposium. Nominations for the Academic Young Investigator’s Symposium are due February 2, 2023. For more info see, the Young Academics page.

2) The Early Career Investigator Award, which recognizes independent and non-academic investigators (e.g. industry, government or non-profit laboratory) who are no more than 10 years from graduate school or post-doctoral appointment. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding promise for future contributions to Organic Chemistry. Nominations for the 2022 Early Career Symposium are due February 11, 2023. For more info, see the Early Career Investigators Page.