Jeffries-EL and Nelson’s 2019 NOS Lectures are Available On-Line

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We are now able to release the videos of Dr. Malika Jeffries-EL (Boston University) and Dr. Hosea Nelson’s (UCLA) 2019 National Organic Chemistry Symposium (NOS) lectures free of charge to all Organic Division members from the NOS 2019 Videos’ page (Requires Login).

These videos make up 8 of the 18 that will be released from the 46th NOS in Indiana University, Bloomington (June 2019). Note, there were 22 talks along with posters sessions, as well as other information sessions. So, you had to be there to really experience the meeting and see all the great chemistry.

The National Organic Symposium is the premier event sponsored by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry to highlight recent advances in organic chemistry. See the history of NOS.