Nominations Sought for the 2014 ACS Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry Award

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The Organic Division of the American Chemical Society seeks to increase the involvement of bachelor’s and master’s-level chemists in Divisional activities. These chemists make important contributions in the workplace but often receive only limited recognition from the scientific community. In 1992, the Organic Division instituted an annual symposium at the Fall ACS meeting to recognize the achievements of non-Ph.D. chemists. We are seeking nominations for the 2014 program. 

The 20th annual Symposium on Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry (TAOC) will be held during the 248th National Meeting of the ACS in San Francisco, CA (August 10–14, 2014). The invited speakers will present their recent discoveries in basic or development research during 30-minute presentations. Speakers are selected in a two-phase process. First, a letter of nomination is submitted to the Division on behalf of the nominee; then a Subcommittee, comprised of several members of the Organic Division Executive Committee, selects the awardees based on: (a) evidence illustrating the creativity and independence of the nominee; (b) the nominee’s publication and patent record; (c) any other information that documents the special achievements and/or contributions made by the nominee. 

We encourage nominators to select candidates who are both excellent scientists and good communicators. To nominate a non-Ph.D. level chemist for this symposium, please send a letter describing the nominee’s contributions and include a copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae. (Additional letters and supporting documents are most welcome, but not essential.) Nominees should hold at least a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), be currently working in chemistry, and should not have received a previous TAOC Award. Nominations should be made using the online application form.

Questions may be directed to John Rizzo via email or by phone at 317-276-2060. The deadline for receipt of nominations is January 31, 2014. Information is also available at the Division of Organic Chemistry website at