Organic Sytheses 100th vol celebratory symposium at Fall 2023 ACS

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The Organic Division of the ACS has scheduled an all-day symposium on August 13, 2023 at the San Francisco National ACS Meeting to celebrate the publication of Volume 100 of Organic Syntheses. The morning session will highlight “Scientific Advances in Organic Synthesis from Primarily Undergraduate Institutions,” and features presentations by Jeremy Morgan (UNC Wilmington), Carolyn Anderson (Calvin University), David A. Vosburg (Harvey Mudd College), Nicholas D. Ball (Pomona College), and Jeffrey Johnson (Hope College). The afternoon session will be dedicated to A Celebration of the 100th Volume of Organic Syntheses with talks by Rick Danheiser (MIT), Margaret Faul (AMGEN, Inc.), Kay Brummond (University of Pittsburgh), John Wood (Baylor University), Erick Carreira (ETH), Pauline Chiu (The University of Hong Kong), Peter Wipf (University of Pittsburgh), and Scott Denmark (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign).