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We would like to welcome Professor Alex Grenning (University of Minnesota) to the Advisory Board of OrganicLinks. He has joined the group just as we finished a biannual review (hand review) of the 531 synthetic organic academic research groups listed on the page. The review involved clicking on each link to the PI’s lab website where recent publications are often listed. If the publications seemed out of date, the reviewers searched the web or Scifinder to verify that the individual’s listed have published research in the past few years. If the group is inactive, it was removed. The digital updates were made by Professor Brian Myers (Ohio Northern University) who is part of the DOC web team.

We would also like to thank two board members who are stepping down Professor Mary Watson (University of Delaware) and Dr. Jennifer Stockdill (Eli Lilly) for their efforts in helping to maintain the listing over the past few years.

OrganicLinks is a list of United States synthetic organic chemistry faculty in Ph.D. granting departments. The list was originally compiled by Professor Matt McIntosh, University of Arkansas. He created the list in the late 1990’s as a resource and maintained it for 20+ years for the members of his group and the organic chemistry community. OrganicLinks is now maintained by volunteers with assistance from the DOC. The groups and the list are not an endorsement by the Division.

If you would like us to add your group, recommend other chemists and/or links, advertise for a postdoc position, or submit a comment or suggestion, please use the Contact the OrganicLinks Advisory Board form.