Resources for Instruction and Remote Work during COVID

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The SARS-CoV-2 virus and the subsequent COVID-19 disease have imposed challenges for academia, particularly science laboratory instructors. The embedded links and consolidated resources are intended to support the transition of post-secondary instruction to social distancing standards. The external organizations provided herein are not endorsed by the DOC. Please Contact Us/Provide Feedback to improve the website or resources.

Remote meeting resources:


Zoom is a free and popular meeting service that incorporates educational tools. An abundance of websites , tutorial videos , and third-party support provide an easy transition into the service.


Skype is a free and popular meeting service under the Microsoft Corporation that is especially useful for video conferencing. Microsoft posts and third-party guides should facilitate use of the service.


Teams is a Microsoft Corporation messaging service like Slack that possesses a free subscription and is incorporate with Microsoft 365 and Office 2016 packages.


Slack is a free and popular messaging service that facilitates group discussions and file sharing. Groups can be continually subdivided into subgroups that organize conversations while promoting transparency and a community feel.

Community discussion:

Chemistry curricula resources

General curricula resources

Research and remote work resources