Speakers for the 2018 Young Investigator’s Symposium

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Sixteen non-academic researchers have been selected to present their research in the 2018 Young Investigator’s Symposium at the ACS National Meeting in Boston (Fall 2018). They are Karla Bravo-Altimiravo (Dow Agrosciences), Alison Brewer (Lilly), Matthew Campbell (FMC), Benoit Cardinal-David (AbbVie), Chiol Chung (Genentech), Jamie McCabe Dunn (Merck), Marie-Gabrielle Braun (Genentech), Tom Greshock (Merck), David Laitar (Dow), Ricardo Lira (Pfizer), Sheng Liu (Dow), Michael Luzung (Bristol Myers Squibb), Steven Mennen (Amgen), Joseph Pero (GlaxoSmithKline), Angela Puchlopek-Dermenci (Pfizer), and Aaron Smith (Pfizer).

The Organic Division organizes the Young Investigator’s Symposium to highlight up-and-coming scientists from a range of backgrounds, organizations and industries.