Video Interview of Organic Chemist-Lisa McElwee-White

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We are pleased to announce that a second series of video interviews of leaders in our community are going on-line. For the month of February 2014, we are featuring an interview with Professor Lisa McElwee-White who is at the University of Florida.

This video completes the 20 Eminent Chemist interview series that gives a snapshot of some of the leaders in the field of Organic Chemistry. As a whole, they make a package that will have archival properties. This project began in 2007 with the vision of ORGN’s Executive Committee and, together with Bob Volkmann (2008 Chair) and an ACS Council Committee on Divisional Activities (DAC) Innovative Grant to fund 50% of the project. ORGN funded the other 50%. We are indebted to Dr. Jeff Seeman who conducted the interviews and served as the director. Tom Lawrence of GroundWorkDesign is also recognized for his extraordinary volunteer efforts in producing these videos.

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