Video of the Roger Adams Award Presentation at the 2019 NOS

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We thank all of those who attended and contributed to the 2019 National Organic Chemistry Symposium (NOS) at Indiana University, Bloomington (June 2019). We now released a recording of the Roger Adams presentation Award from Professor Stephen L. Buchwald of MIT

This video of this presentation is the 1 of 20 videos that we have from the event. that will be released from the 46th NOS. Note: Professor Buchwald opted to not have his talk recorded because he determined that he was going to present very preliminary results from his laboratory. Additionally, there were 22 talks given at the symposium along with more than 340 posters along with other opportunities to network and socialize….so you had to be at NOS to see all the great chemistry and truly experience the great 4 day event.

The National Organic Symposium is the premier event sponsored by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry to highlight recent advances in organic chemistry. See the history of NOS.