Videos: Eminent Organic Chemists, The Human Side

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Who are Ron Breslow, Madeleine Joullie, K. C. Nicolaou, and Peter Stang? Of course, we know these as eminent organic chemists. But who are they as human beings? What do they have to say about such topics as: What’s the best advice they’ve ever received? What does “balance” and “excellence” mean to them? How do they choose their projects? What is the source of their energy? What brings them the greatest joy? Have they ever been afraid and of what? Who are their heroes? These and other insights are now revealed as part of a series of short video produced as part of ORGN’s Centennial celebrations in 2008. Chemical historian Jeffrey I. Seeman conducted a series of video interviews with 10 prominent organic chemists. One goal of these interviews was to reveal the human side of these scientists. Another goal was to contribute to the archives of organic chemistry. And, according to Seeman, another goal is “simply, to have fun. To enjoy and explore our range of values, breadth of experiences, and wonderful complexity as human beings.” The videos can be seen at: