Professors Bertozzi, Meldal, and Sharpless win the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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The Organic Division congratulates Professors Carolyn R. Bertozzi (Stanford University, CA, USA); Morten Meldal (University of Copenhagen, Denmark); and K. Barry Sharpless (Scripps Research, La Jolla, CA, US) who have won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry” See the for more information.

Professor Bertozzi is the 2023 Roger Adams Awardee and is currently scheduled to speak at the 48th National Organic Chemistry Symposium (NOS) to be held Sunday, July 9 to Thursday July 13, 2023 on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. She has spoken at 3 previous NOS. We were fortunate she allowed us to video tape her 2019 lecture. Organic Division members can see her presentation here.

Professor Sharpless is the 1997 Roger Adams Awardee and he has spoken 4 times at NOS (1997, 1991, 1983, 1977). See NOS History for the other speakers at that event as well as the rest of the NOS.