Guidelines for Submission of Meeting Symposia Proposals

Process for submitting Symposia Proposals for the ORGN division

The Symposium Programming Committee (SPC) will evaluate symposia proposals based on their ability to attract and engage a large audience, timeliness, and appropriateness for the Division of Organic Chemistry.

The Executive Committee seeks proposals that span the interests, and fully reflect the diversity of the membership in the Division of Organic Chemistry. Therefore, selection of speakers should be balanced when considering gender, groups historically underrepresented in the profession, research area, employment sector, and career stage. 

A list of recently supported symposia can be found here (PDF).

Proposals are due ONE YEAR prior to the meeting where the session is requested on the following dates: February 15 and July 15. For example, for a symposium in Fall 2019, the due date is July 15, 2018.  For a symposium in Spring 2019, the due date is February 15, 2018.

The symposia submission requirements page for a detailed list of proposal requirements and submission template.  Details on funding and fundraising for symposia can be found on the support for symposia page.  Finally, details on how to reimburse symposium speakers can be found on the reimbursements guidelines page.

DOC Acknowledgement During SYMPOSIUM

DOC-sponsored symposia are a member benefit. Symposia receiving support from the ACS DOC are asked to use this slide at the beginning and end of their session. (as a powerpoint slide or PDF file)